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How To S-OFF On HTC Flyer Tablet With Revolutionary [Guide]

After surfacing of Revolutionary, the easiest unlock till date for some HTC devices, the owners of these devices are filled with joy. Revolutionary also sets S-OFF on Flyer –flagship Android tab from HTC – which allows users to gain permanent root privileges along with a custom recovery. You just need to check HBoot version of HTC Flyer, which must be 1.10.0000, and you are ready to S-OFF.

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Here are the step by step instructions to gain S – OFF on HTC Flyer with Revolutionary:

  1. The first step is to download the HTC fastboot drivers and install them on your PC.
  2. Now uninstall HTC Sync from your computer.
  3. Once done, connect your tab to the computer, enable USB debugging. You can enable USB debugging by launching Settings > Applications > Development > Enable USB Debugging.
  4. After this head to the Revolutionary.IO portal, read through the documentation, and click on “Download For Windows”.
  5. The download will start immediately and a form with different fields will open.
  6. Do not close the webpage and wait for the download to complete.
  7. After the download is complete, extract the archive and double click on Revolutionary.exe.
  8. Now you will get a serial number which needs to be entered in the web form along with other device specs required. You will then be given a beta key which you need to copy.
  9. Now paste the beta key in Revolutionary console window and follow onscreen instructions to unlock bootloader.
  10. In the end you will see the message “SUCCESS – Life gave us lemons, we didn’t make lemonade!”.

And there you go! You now have your HTC Flyer liberated with S-OFF! Now you are free to root, flash custom ROMs, play with recoveries etc. Enjoy!


  1. All that have wrong hboot, especially 1.11.0011 you must downgrade to gingerbread first then s off then upgrade to honeycomb again

  2. please i need your help my mobile is htc flyer but the  HBOOT versions: is 7.10.0000
    what should i do please help me

  3. Now I can reboot my flyer and it’s working perfectly. I need help how to edit thr root file as my flyer is showing S OFF. when I tried to edit the root file, it’s saying the file is in read only mode and can’t be changed. Could you pls help me

  4. My flyer was showing S OFF ,but I couldn’t edit the root file. Then I booted usingRevolutionary, no change. Again I tried with the key test option, now my phone is in a hanging stage. Can you pls help me to get out of this stage.

  5. Any ideas on how to fix the call history? The people app throws and error and requires a force close when looking at the call history. A tad annoying

  6. S-OFF’d my HTC and rooted it with no issues. I’m now using it as a phone as well and I have to say its great. Yes you need a BT headset or use the wired on that comes in the box. Bizzare that I noticed the out the box handsfree has a microphone on it. Strange in that you out the box cannot make calls!

  7. i tried many times on my flyer everything works but it says failed and it still says S-ON. i have no idea what to do but on first try i got an error it said driver download failed and the driver was Android 1.0 i don’t even know where to get it if thats the problem

  8. I achieved s=off but never was asked to install a custom rom of any kind, also insteed of saying “sucess” it said “Failed” but when I go into bootloader it does say S=OFF, no apps that need it will recognize the tablet as rooted, I installed busybox, and it said to flash a zip file stayting with SU(something).zip, I also have rom manager. I know I am a noob, but I need to start some where, Thank You in advance, Mike

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