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How To Un Brick Android Phones [Boot Loop Fix]

Although it’s really cool to root your Android phones, flash custom ROMs and do system-level tweaks, but at times we also end up with a brick. Bricking of an Android device means that your phone is unable to boot or keep on rebooting. In case you are unable to start your phone at all, then it’s probably time that you should abandon it all together or try to claim guarantee etc. But if your phone is either on a boot loop fiasco or you are able  to boot into recovery, then you can do stuff to make your phone function normally.

Devices usually turn bricks when either you flash the wrong radio or some corrupted firmware file. It is important to check sum data to verify Firmware file’s integrity.

Here is the step by step guide for unbricking your Android device if it is boots but goes in to a boot loop:

  • The first step is to boot your phone into recovery.
  • Now go to WIPE while in recovery mode and clear Delvik Cache.
  • Now restart you phone and see if it stays alright or goes back into a boot loop.
  • If the phone again restarts after landing on launch screen, then power off you phone.
  • Restart your phone into recovery again and delete all data/cache. Flash a new ROM if it is already on your SD card.
  • Once this is done, reboot your phone and hopefully you will be able to get rid of the boot loop problem.

In case your phone is booting into recovery rather than normally then again repeat the steps mentioned above. In this kind of brick, you will need to re-flash a new ROM. The above method is applicable on temporary bricks only. In case your phone doesn’t boot at all after rooting or flashing custom ROM or boot image, then there is nothing you can do about it. Please check your carrier or mobile phone vendor for a replacement.


  1. My MICROMAX A27 mobile of 4 years old started to reboot continuously , could not find chance to hard reset by pressing Power + volume +/-. this phone gave me pretty good service, I don’t want to abandon it. Kindly help me in troubleshooting FAST.

  2. My Phone MicromaxA27, 4 years old started rebooting continuously. Not able to FACTORY SET it as such. I observed this problem when I added my google account. This is pretty good phone, gave nice service.
    Don’t want to abandon it. Kindly help in troubleshooting fast.

  3. how to fix boot loop on micromax bolt a35 ??

    my phone stucks on “bolt” logo and only can go to fastboot mode by pressing pover and volume down button

    plz help me out .

  4. I do not have the rom. I used the app rom installer pro
    Just sits on boot up. I can get into dlete cache and everything but I just have an option of updating using adb

  5. how my phone bricked it doesnt have a recovery anymore and it keep restart at the boot logo android

  6. Hey I hav Bricked My phone
    and it keeps on restarting and its not getting into CWM recovery
    i actually installed a custom ROM and factory reset that after that logo screen appears and CWM screen appears and then again logoo screen and CWM screen in a loop

  7. *****************************************************************************************************************
    plz help me what to do…
    plz help
    i m a noob
    have i bricked my phone? idont know..plz help
    my device is micomax a57(ninja 3)
    this is i have done step by step..

    1> successfuly rooted my device..it comes with superuser and power saver

    2> without restarting..i have installed rom manager and titanium backup..
    (have’nt backuped anything yet)

    3> opened rom manager and flashed clockworkmod recovery..
    it was asked to choose a device from the list and my device (micromax a57) was not listed so i had choosed micromax A70 which was listed…it completed successfully.

    4> than i choosed to “reboot into recovery” option in rom manager..

    5> and the mobile shuts off and after a while “superfone|ninja3” is displayed on the screen (which is the normal procedure of booting) but at this time it stuck there as if it gets hang….
    6> i remove the battery ..re install it and switch on the power button but nothing happens…
    7> i remove the battery again and then reinstall it again and this time on switching on the power button the phone starts and every thing is fine..

    8> i am so freaked out that i decided to “reset in factory” and after doing that the same point 5> happens again
    and i have tryed to go into recovery mode by pressing volume up and power key but the same point 5> happes again

    9> than repeated point 6> and 7> and everything was fine again..

    10 > agian i thought i have flashed wrong or uncompatible clockworkmodrecovery version..so i agin tapped the “flash clockwokmod recovery “option in rom manager and flashed with some another device (not remembered )
    it flashed successfully but no problem solved..the phone is still behaving as before (all the points 4> to 9> )

    11> remember that i havent backed up any thing yet

    12 >finally i open titanium backup and to clear some ram i uninstalled some apps (that is backed up with titanium backup)

    and now i cannot see my wallpaper and what i can do with my phone is the following

    i> can lock and unlock with power button (sliding it to unlock)
    (at this screen i can see time , installed sim card name, and emergency call option at below)
    ii> i can see notification bar and can slide it

    iii> can connect to pc
    iv> long pressing home touch button …gives me two options
    a> manage running applications (i can access this application)
    b> clear rescent applications.
    v > can recieve calls but cant make calls (havent tryed the emergency call option)
    [i cannot see icons and desktop , its black]
    plz help me what to do…

  8. ive done this to my phone but it still does bootloop and my phone is locked to boost mobile australia and it is really anoying because i have a buisnes to run and i cant really do anything with out my gio gt5660v
    any sugestions to why this is not working??

  9. OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG thank u so much my phone had a boot loop for froyo ROM cyanogen & ROM and the motafoca ROM but its fixed after the last step, thanks again

  10. My phone is not starting.or even when I try to ccharge it the battery sign doesn’ appear.mi was usin my phone completely normally with vanilla rom.I booted it several times and it was starting normally.but I once powered it of and the next thing I knew it wasent even starting

  11. If the phone doesn’t get into recovery mode, then you can use it only as a brick. Buy a new one and next time, remember to completely wipe it before you try to load new ROM. Or just don’t load a new ROM. It’s the safest bet.

  12. does anybody care to reply over here??
    my phone cant get to recovery mode… can anyone help?? please… coz this is my first android…!!

  13. mine doesnt even start… its stuck in the cyanogenmod boot after i installed it without wiping mem… so all i can do about my dell xcd35 is use it as brick is it??

  14. i have a loop but all the phone does is if i hit recovery it goes to fastboot and i can do nothing else at all i really need some help to get my phone back to 2.2 system

  15. Hi! I bricked my phone too but these things didn’t help..And then I tried to format my sd card and now it works!! IDK if it helps someone but try to format your mem card

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