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How to Unbrick Notion Ink Adam after OTA Update Brick

Root Notion Ink Adam

If you were amongst the few unfortunate owners of the Notion Ink Adam whose tablets were bricked immediately following an OTA updated was pushed on the device, do not fret! Luckily for you, the team at NotionInkHacks have published a workaround to restore your Android tablet to its original condition.

However unfortunate and embarrassing the event of bricking devices of thousands of users with an OTA update might have been, Notion Ink were still able to respond quickly and immediately posted a resolution for the issue. Here’s how to unbrick your tablet and restore it to its earlier state.


  • A Windows or a Linux PC.
  • Your tablet charged to at least 50% battery level and preferably connected to power and charging.
  • USB cable to connect the Adam to PC.
  • The Adam Recovery kit corresponding to your device model and PC OS. Download links are provided below.


  • Extract the contents of the Adam Recovery Kit on your PC.
  • Power down the Adam.
  • Press and hold the Vol+ button and simultaneously press the Power button to bring your device to ‘Force Recovery’ menu.
  • Connect the Adam to your PC.
  • Extract the contents of the Adam Recovery Kit to any folder on your PC.
  • For Windows users: Install the drivers found within the Adam Recovery Kit and then go to the folder where the recovery kit was extracted and run ‘download.bat’ batch file.
  • For Linux users: Go to the folder where the recovery kit was extracted , open up a console window and run ./download.sh.
  • Your Adam will show a progress bar indicating the update process. Ensure the flashing process is not interrupted due to any reason or your device can be damaged irreparably.

After the flash is complete, your Adam should happily boot into its original OS. If any issue is faced during the process, write an email to support@notionink.com immediately.

Adam Recovery Kit downloads:

  • Windows PC, LCD Adam
  • Windows PC, Pixel Qi Adam
  • Linux PC, LCD Adam
  • Linux PC, Pixel Qi Adam
Update: The links seem to be all down and unfortunately, we can’t find any alternatives either. You should contact support@notionink.com and ask them for your required download.
[via NotionInkHacks]

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