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How to Unbrick / Restore ViewSonic G-Tablet

viewrefreshIf you have ended up bricking your Viewsonic G Tablet while attempting to install a custom ROM or kernel to it and are now afraid you’ll never be able to use it again, fear not as we have you covered with a way to unbrick your Android tablet and restore it to its factory default state with a rather simple method.

Sometimes during heavy customization a device becomes unusable due to some firmware error or for the most part human error. In case of a Viewsonic G Tablet, we’re here with the solution that should work for most bricking cases. With this method, you should have your tablet back in its factory default condition.


  • SD card
  • SD card reader
  • Windows/Linux PC or Mac
  • (https://droidpiratefiles.com/gtablet/gtabletrestore(droidpirate.com).zip) ViewSonic G-Tablet Restore File


  1. Download the above mentioned restore file.
  2. Insert the SD card into the card reader and access it using your computer.
  3. If the SD card has any important data, save it to the computer.
  4. Format the SD card.
  5. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the ‘Recovery’ folder and ‘update.zip’ file to the root of your SD card.
  6. Power off your device.
  7. Press and hold the Volume Up button, then press and hold the Power button. You should see the ViewSonic boot image logo and the text ‘Detected Recovery Image’ on your tablet’s screen.
  8. Let the installation take place automatically. The device will reboot after completion.

Congratulations! Your ViewSonic G-tablet is now restored to original firmware condition!

[via Droidpirate]


  1. Same here. I tried & now my g-tablet is stuck on white triangle with an exclamation mark. It doesn’t go beyond it. Moderator please help. Am trying to restore it completely so i can return it for a refund. Not my cup of tea.

  2. Hi, I m observed when you boot whit de sdcard (power +volume up) after the tablet try boot , erase the comman file on discovery folder.

    Sorry for my english.


  3. Hi, A, i have the same problem

    it just flashes an exclamation mark for a second and then just displays golden android letters and that is all, what hapen?? Do you have help me?


  4. Don’t even try doing this!

    It did not work, it actually bricked my tablet completely. Now when I boot it it just flashes an exclamation mark for a second and then just displays golden android letters and that is all. Now the tablet is truly unusable. Previously I could at least access clockworks but I had to remove it.

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