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How To: Update Motorola Cliq-XT To Version 1.32.20 [OTA]

Finally there is some news of relief for Motorola Cliq XT users, fed up with below average Bluetooth connectivity, insensitive touch screen and erroneous MMS. T-Mobile has started rolling out a system update for Motorola Cliq XT that addresses these two burning issues along with some other performance tweaks and bug fixes. Unfortunately this update isn’t the much anticipated and awaited for Android 2.1 Eclair, but the update package sounds pretty decent for a pone that was virtually abandoned by T-Mobile. The update is also good news for SWYPE fans waiting for their fingers to sail over the new updated SWYPE keyboard.

Here is the list of Cliq-XT-update updates and bug fixes that this update will be integrated with for Motorola Cliq XT as per Android central:

    • Overall phone performance: Users will notice a significantly improved overall performance and responsiveness to input requests, including: opening applications, answering calls, opening the Happenings widget, and downloading attachments and pictures within email.
    • Additional stability: Improved stability, resulting in fewer occurrences of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
    • Bluetooth performance: Improved performance and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices.
    • Messaging: Prevents erroneous notifications that a message has not been sent. Also resolves MMS sending / receiving functionality issues in certain scenarios.
    • Touchscreen: Improved touch screen sensitivity and touch response.
    • Swype: Includes updates to the latest version of the SWYPE software, resulting in improved overall performance of the application.

    Official Android 2.1 Eclair update for Cliq XT was rumored to be rolled out in Q4 this year, but we are seeing no signs of it until now. We would advise rooted Motorola Cliq XT users against accepting this OTA update as this might unroot your device or cause a permanent brick.

    Here is the step by step guide on installing this OTA update for Motorola Cliq XT:

    • Turn your phone on and connect via 3G or Wi-Fi.
    • Once you get update notification, press Download.
    • Wait for the update to download and press “Install Now” after the download is complete.
    • After the installation is finished, your Cliq XT will restart automatically.

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