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Huawei Google IDEOS Specs And Price

Today Huawei has launched their affordable IDEOS handset that is tag lined with simplicity, affordability and accessibility. Huawei has acted as a silent player in Android handset scenario so far, with some low profile Android handsets rolling out at regular intervals that have failed to capture much interest among enthusiasts or media. While the IDEOS still caters to the low-to-mid-end market, it seems to be different; it must be something big for Huawei as this is their first Android 2.2 Froyo device and the most economical Froyo device to date.


Being the most inexpensive device at $175 to ship with Froyo means the IDEOS is quite likely to attract a lot of consumers who want the latest version of Android but can’t shell out big bucks for high-end phones.

Here are the specs of this phone:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 2.8 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • 320 x 240 Screen Resolution
  • 528 MHz Processor
  • Wi-Fi
  • HSDPA 3G Compatible
  • 3G Hotspot Capable
  • Dedicated Search, Home and Back Keys
  • 3.2 Mega Pixel Primary Camera
So as you can see from the specs, it is still in the low-end division but both the build quality and the operating system make it quite promising. With 3G support and Froyo’s built-in feature of turning your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, it can serve as one’s on-the-go 3G Wi-Fi modem to use with other devices as well, which is quite a benefit when you consider the price factor.

Another great thing regarding this phone is Google’s direct involvement with Huawei on this project. This can mean faster firmware OTA upgrades for IDEOS owners like Lucky Nexus One owners, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet.  The phone is priced as $175 without contract and will be available from 15th of October. It may also be available for free with contract, depending on the carriers.

[Via BGR]


  1. i like the phone …it really gets me the attention i like but i just don
    ‘t know how to send music….does anybody know?


  3. Android 2.2 froyo is kinda awesome …the internet speed. Screen resolve. Super sensitive touch screen. And android market give it an edge like no other.

  4. the phone is perfect ..Just download battery doctor and change it 2G …also download task manager..to stop unused programs…otherwise it has many is uses ..

  5. i have this ideos phone but i lost the back cover, does anyone know where can i get one. I live in the philippines. thanks

  6. I am wondering whether there is anyone who may know how/if it is possible to change the o/s of the google ideos to another version of the android operating system ??

  7. the phone is fancy, the battery is useless, the reception is useless it just stop when it feels like, the type face keyboard poor, and why can’t I download simple applications i.e skype some phones ve but mine, snaptu etc. What happens to after sales service coz safcom staff cannot solve our problems and where can we purchase the charger/cable

  8. the phone is good ,but the battery is the problem. now it is upon the manufacture to come up with an alternative batteries with longstandby power,failure be warned kenya is not adumping place with ur useless phones!!!! annoyed kenyan^^ .

  9. Hey>>>guyz am in kampala i wanna knoe where exactly i can get the IDEOS Huawei in kampala stocks….Plz help

  10. The ideos phone is so good if you have only know how to root your android the battery no problem if you have only downloaded battery doctor of which also helps you to stop all the running programs after you have finished surfing for mine it lasts for a whole day when am always like doing everything.I think it depends on how to know

  11. I love the ideos and i think it has become a necessity. If you watch videos and you are constantly online then the battery life reduces; just like any other phone, so don’t complain about the battery not lasting. I also bought mine at safaricom and the sales lady took me through ways to conserve the battery; the trick is to disable the data when you are not surfing, simple as that. and the best thing about the ideos is that i have a back cover choice;)

  12. I bought the phone from Kenya Safaricom. its a very nice phone except for the fact that the battery does not last long. you have to be charging everyday which is not a good thing. Something needs to be done.

  13. have bought an ideos u8150-D about a month ago. The phone works well but the battries do not last at the end of ever day it has to be charged and on receiving calls or making calls the battry side heats up. took the complaint to the supplier SAFARICOM KENYA they say most ideos users have complaint about the battries not lasting and the technician from the ideos was updated the reply was that the batts were to last for a day! of witch i guess is a total lie. they took the phone in for repair on the problem of heating and returned in 4days saying they have changed the settings from 3G to 2G of witch that was not the purpouse i bought the phone to have it degraded.
    although the phone steel heats no change at all. the problem steel the same as above.

    There is no proper after sales service on the product. Please advice on what should i do with my phone as i cannot use it to the fullest.

    • Its a good looking phone.The only problem it have is the battery. I think its meant for office people.we how works in fields its causing worries cos the battery cant last for the whole day

  14. Purchased IDEOS Google u8150 Andriod 2.2 and find it has poor reception on entering any building and when in the country side find my wife’s standard phone will have good reception yet the U8150 has no reception (both phone Telstra 3g)
    Any solutions?

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