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Hummingz EVO HD Is A Casual 2D Arcade Bug Shooter [iOS Game]

Wild insects, flying bees and venomous spiders, that’s what Hummingz EVO HD is all about. It is a 2D arcade game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with excitingly fast-paced gameplay and beautiful design. The game lets you take control of a cute little lady bird who must defend itself from an onslaught of spiders, bees, wasps, beetles, and whatnot. The game is a lot of fun, and once you start playing, you will be having a hard time letting it go. The game has just recently gone free, but might not stay that way for long, so hurry on past the break to grab a copy for yourself.

Hummingz HD Evo Hummingz HD Evo Mode

Talking about difficulty, Hummingz EVO HD contains two different difficulty settings (Normal and Hard).  Along with single player, it also supports multiplayer mode go one on one with your friends. The core gameplay involves shooting enemy insects that keep hovering over you from all directions (mostly from the top). The core objective is to avoid as many insects as you can, while firing back at them in retaliation. Your downed enemies are turned into stones and collecting these stones earns you game points. Other than the fast-moving insects, you may also shoot mushrooms, which give you different rewards, for instance, collecting more than a hundred mushooms gives you an extra life (you are provided with five lives at the beginning). Players can also shoot the occasional snail the hops into the screen, which adds a magnet bonus wherein your bug turns into a magnet for dead insects, collecting all of them on its own. The game’s control mechanics are also quite simple, you just need to control the direction your bug is facing using your finger while it keeps firing on its own. The game spans across a number of different rounds, and contains distinct boss fights like frogs, bees and spiders, usually at the end of each round.

Hummingz HD Evo Gameplay 2 Hummingz HD Evo Gameplay3

One its audio department, the game disappoints as there isn’t much to say about the audio, really. The visuals on the other hand feel satisfactory but does not seem to be optimized for iPad. In terms of backdrops and level environments, the game contain a bit of variety as well.

Hummingz HD Evo Gameplay1 Hummingz HD Evo Gameover

Hummingz HD EVO is certainly worth a try and right now, it’s available for free, so it won’t hurt your wallet. You can grab the game from the iTunes App Store by heading to the download link provided below.

Download Hummingz EVO HD

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