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Hypotheticals For iPhone: A Collection Of Conversation Starters

Often at  dinner parties, we end up siting next to complete strangers and find ourselves struggling to make pleasant small talk, so that we can get through the evening without feeling awkward. At such times, we wish we had a small diary tucked somewhere in our pockets filled with one-liners that will spark up lively conversation with our dinner partner. Hypotheticals is an app for iOS that arms you with countless “would you rather” conversation starters, or ‘hypotheticals’ for just such occasions.

Hypotheticals-for-iOS Hypotheticals-for-iOS-Packs

Hypotheticals divides all its one-liners into various packages (Base Pack, WTF Pack and Bonus Pack). Some of these are free while others can be purchased from within the app (e.g. Super pack).

question answert chamging flash cards

When you tap any of these packages, the app opens a set of flash cards, each bearing a “would you rather” question that you can choose to save an Answer for or Post To Facebook by tapping Options. The flashcards can be sifted through by swiping upwards or downwards. Tapping Home takes you to the app’s homescreen from where you can choose another package.

All hypotheticals aren’t meant to be used with people you barely know; some are there just so you can have some laughs with friends, like the collection of questions in the WTF Pack. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded at the link provided below.

Download Hypotheticals

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