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Improved Multi-Tasking On iPhone With Circuitous

For the jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touch, multi-tasking, one of the main features missing from Apple’s technological wonder, is readily available in the form of applications such as backgrounder, proswitcher etc. Much similar is the great application Circuitous, which adds some interesting new features with its recent, latest update.

Circuitous shows all your open applications in the form of a dock on the right side of your screen. From this dock you also have the option to close those applications that you don’t want, or have become nonresponsive.

circuitous1 circuitous2

It also offers cycling through all the open apps in the order that they were initially launched. This is pretty useful if you want to jump back and forth between applications quickly, since circuitous supports back and forth jumps on both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Main features in this new version include

– Tap and hold icon to reorder, or slide out until the icon dims to quit that app
– Shows free memory on the bottom of the dock
– Double tap dock to free up more memory
– Options for badges
– Icon labels
– App animation
– Left and right handed
– Become homescreen
– The x on the icons
– Ability to launch from lockscreen
– Moved down the dock to more in the middle.

Once installed, you may tweak the settings from within the native Settings app. This tweak is available free from Cydia under Tweaks section.

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