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Install 1GHz Overclocked Rooted Android 2.2 FroYo On Motorola Defy

Motorola Defy FroYoWe recently featured how to root Motorola Defy and install a custom recovery on it and now, we are bringing you a custom rooted Android 2.2 FroYo ROM overclocked to 1 GHz for your Android phone, courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member tenfar. If you are still running an older version of Android on your Motorola Defy, read on for details, download link and installation instructions.

This ROM is basically a nandroid backup taken by tenfar that you can recover to your device to get Android 2.2 FroYo working on it. It is based on the official update by Motorola released in the Chinese region, and is overclocked to 1 GHz by default. Several users have been able to get it up and running on their devices.

To be able to recover this backup though, your phone must be rooted first and it must also have GoAPK ClockworkMod recovery installed to be able to restore the nandroid backup. A version of Google apps that works with this ROM is also available.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.
This installation procedure is for advanced users only who understand all these steps.

Before you proceed, please note that this is quite an advanced method and we will NOT be able to help you with it if you can’t get it working. There might be issues and you might need to start over if something doesn’t work. For help with any issues, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers and ask there.

  1. To install this ROM to your phone, first make sure that it is rooted and in case it isn’t, refer to our guide on how to root Motorola Defy.
  2. Once you have it rooted, install GoAPK ClockworkMod Recovery to it by downloading it from the link given below, extracting the apk and running it on your device.
  3. Download the Rooted Android 2.2 FroYo for Motorola Defy Nandroid Backup from the link given below and copy it to your SD card.
  4. Also download Google Apps from the link given below
  5. Reboot your device into recovery, wipe data and cache, and restore this nandroid backup. Don’t reboot from recovery yet.
  6. Now flash Google apps from recovery, wipe data and cache and reboot your device into Android.
  7. Download RSD Lite from the link given below, unzip it and install it to your computer.
  8. Download the Defy 2.2 Boot Only SBF file from the link given below and extract it from the zip file.
  9. Reboot your phone into fastboot / bootloader and flash the sbf file using RSD Lite.

(https://addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2011/01/defy_recovery-1216-2022-signed.zip) Download GoAPK ClockworkMod Recovery for Motorola Defy<
(https://www.mediafire.com/?89vaf0n2n1pc79g) Download Rooted Android 2.2 FroYo for Motorola Defy (Nandroid Backup)
(https://addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2011/01/update_gaaps_for_clockwordmod.zip) Download Google Apps for Motorola Defy Android 2.2 FroYo
(https://addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2011/01/RSD-Lite-4.9.zip) Download RSD Lite 4.9
(https://addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2011/01/defy_2.2_boot_only.zip) Download Defy 2.2 Boot Only SBF


  1. Oh yeah, by the way, in the Recovery, it also says: E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command. AND when I try to apply the update, it says: E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory). Any ideas on this??????

  2. Hey, I tried everything from the first, except rooting, caz my phone is already rooted, and nothing worked. Only the System Recovery apk installed and worked, and when I clicked on Recovery Boot, I granted Superuser Permissions, then all it did was reboot the phone. Also, I do believe that my phone comes from India or somewhere like Saudi, caz when I received my phone, it DID NOT come with the Android Market, now Google Play, on it. So ALL of my apps have been NON-MARKET Apps!!! Anyways, I got frustrated and booted up my phone in Bootloader, then flashed the Boot Only using RSD Lite 4.9 and guess what, same crap as what Eric and Elmany said!! Anyways, I got into the recovery and tried resetting it to factory settings via wipe data and it cleared the cache, and it began that stupid BOOT LOOPING!!! PLEASE, I NEED to get this reversed and up and running as it once was doing before!! It’s my only phone and don’t know when I will be able to get another!! PLEASE, I NEED HELP, and FAST!!! Thanks!!

  3. Hello Defy world. I have a huge problem. Very huge. I was trying to install the new update for my defy. To be able to record and play 720P video in my Motorola Defy Froyo 2.2. But now my phone wont star up. It turns on but only the MOROTOLA logo loads. I try Wiping cache and all that and reboot and nothing. I try update.zip but is wont do anything what should i do? Iguess i wipe everything off. 🙁

  4. Hey I tried to follow this I did everything step by step and when i used system recovery. i granted superuser permissions and it said install completed. then i downloaded the rest of the files and then used boot recovery. The phone did not boot into goapk it just boot looped. still boot loops. loads the m the powers down and loads m logo and powers down. just keeps looping. I can still access system recovery and boot loader though. can i fix this? can i still load the custom rom? please help. email me at megametallord@hotmail.com.

    • hi eric yes you can fix it when open phone go recovery mode and than reset cache and data if your your device roooted you can clean dalvik cache finally go back the recovery manu and restart your divece. probably you see welcome screen. good luck eric

  5. When I try to install the NANDROID backup of Froyo 2.2 the recover the installation freeze and nothing happens…

    • Same for me as for Everson, please don´t write a walkthrou if You ain´t 100% sure of what You writing…

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