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Install Android 2.2 Froyo On HTC Windows Mobile Devices Easily


Windows Phone 7 might not be able to fix on your oldie Blackstone, Diamond, Raphael etc, but that doesn’t actually end the world here for these handsets. Folks over at XDA have released a comprehensive tutorial on installing Android 2.2 Froyo on the above mentioned Windows Mobile devices along with HTC Raphael 800, Rhodium, Tilt and Topaz.

Installing Android on these devices might give a whole new meaning to their existence, as Android undoubtedly conquers all previous Windows Mobile / Windows 7 builds because of it’s usability along user experience quality. Previously it was thought that Android can only fix in the threshold on HTC HD2 but this myth is now debunked forever.

Please note that this method only applies on these devices (Although I have mentioned the names in first paragraph, but let’s list them so that no confusion remains intact).

  • HTC Blackstone
  • HTC Diamond
  • HTC Diamond 500
  • HTC Fuze
  • HTC Raphael
  • HTC Raphael 800
  • HTC Rhodium
  • HTC Tilt 2
  • HTC Topaz

Here is the step by step guide on installing Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC Windows Mobile devices.

1. The first step is to prepare your SD card for this purpose. This can be done by purchasing a whole new decent capacity SD card or formatting your old card to make it entirely clean and as good as new. Please don’t forget to backup your personal data on your computer before embarking with formatting. Also note that you will need to format your SD card to FAT 32.

2. Once this is done, download the .CAB file and save it on your desktop. This cab file is a full pre-arranged and modded Android for your device and according to the developers, it does the following:

– Installs Android in the root of the SD Card
– Deploys the correct Startup.txt for the device (the user can choose their device type)
– Adds a high res icon for Android in the root of the SD Card
– Installs a shortcut in Program Files named "Android" (launches Haret.exe)
– Installs the high res icon in the registry for WM6.5 users

3. Once you have downloaded the Android Cab file, copy it to your SD Card root and install it through File Explorer in your Windows Mobile. Wait for the procedure to finish as the Cab file will implant a whole Android image for your device.

4. Once Android is installed, go to Windows > Program Menu and tap your stylus on Android. This will make your Windows Mobile reboot with 2 vibrating shudders one after an other.

5. Now in this step, you just need to wait and let your phone boot into Android. Please register the fact that sometimes it may take a long time [more than 3 minutes] on first boot into Android 2.2 Froyo. the booting delay is normally caused by Android, which is preparing your device to run for the first time on this OS. 

6. Once your phone reboots into Android, you might be asked for screen calibration which is normal.

And there you go! Enjoy the delicacy of Froyo on your Windows Mobile phone.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device bricks or any other damage occurs due to this method.

[Via XDA]


  1. I want to change my HTC tilt 8925 to android can any one send haret file to likkisaishankar80@Gmail.com pls send as fast as possible. pls

  2. can someone tell me .. hw much time does it takes to load the android .?? i mean i hv done everything .. and then a sceern appears written XDANDROID .. and it then starts loading endlessly ..?? i m trying on HTC TILT 2

  3. Issue! please email me at awhiteman88@Hotmail.com. The link you used has been seized by the government through megaupload!!!! I really want to put android on my HTC Rhodium/ Touch Pro2.

  4. what is the difference between htc original and overcooked

    i did everything as said but when i clicked on haret it just hanged and didnt vibrate 

  5. If I remove sd card set will boot on windows ? means Is that make dual boot the phone or if i install it the i will run ONLY android????     

  6. Hey i have the htc tilt 2 and at first when i loaded xd android it would come on but the calibration was terrible but now that i have the calibration on point , when it loads up it just said processes acore android failed and it forces me to close and when i close it it pops back up and says the same thing over again. i have tried restarting my phone and reloading android but it keeps doing the same thing

  7. HTC Touch Diamond, installed everything perfect, but when I click on Android in the program menu, the phone vibrates, shuts down, restarts in Windows again… Why?

  8. im having problem with screen size i install then when i go to the autp install it starts up but half of the program seems to be offscreen can anyone help plz

  9. I have installed the android 2.2 with above .cab file but while booting it get stop after the message of failed to mount the SD card. cannot contine. …. . anybody know to solve this ?

  10. I have HTC diamond 2, are the above valid for this? what about the information I have, do I need to backup them?

  11. I try installed with Htc touch2.
    I can not continue.
    Because in the model select screen has a large screen.
    I have a screen size of 280×320.
    I do not know how to resize or not.

  12. Hi!
    anyone know how to install on HTC touch diamond (P3700) , I tried all possiable ways , it gives error saying SD card mount fail ,HTC touch diamond comes with internal memory 4G cant put SD card, any idea on this ?

  13. I downloaded the android onto my HTC TILT 2 and it loads and everything it just wont pick up my service?? i loaded it onto my SD chicp did i do something wrong when i launched it???? Please help my phone sucks!

  14. OK, i’ve followed all the steps…it starts to install but after asking me about calibrate the screen it just turn black and starts drawing the XDANDROID over the screen,, is it that normal?

  15. I recentl downloaded this onto my HTC Tilt 2. It runs amazing… except i do not have service.. could someone please walk me through this, or give me a hint on how to fix it.
    Thankyou. James

  16. This version of the android almost everything works very well is a
    unfortunate that the system does not recognize the internal memory of my
    Htc Diamond 3700 plus any file manager app
    recognizes the very least android so the camera does not
    functions and also can not install games on memory
    internal if anyone has any solution thank you.

    • I have the same problem! i did everything as it said but when it launches i have no service. Is there anyway 2 fix this?

  17. Thx! Works really great. Just lags sometimes, but this is AMAZING! you can even run android apps! 🙂

    My phone. HTC Touch Diamond.

  18. I have a HTC Touch Diamond, installed everything perfect, but when I click on Android in the program menu, the phone vibrates, shuts down, restarts in Windows again… Why is Android not coming on?

  19. I have tried this but get error messages once i press the haret key what is the meaning of it i have a htc blackstone on win 6.5

  20. I can’t boot d android after i have install it in my HTC Diamond 2 device. It hangs and not responsive once i click the android icon in my program menu. I followed all the steps above. Is there anything that i missed out?…… Please help!!!!!

  21. Can I install the rom on the device instead of the sd card? if so what is the advantage of installing in device instead of sd card?

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