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Install Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player On Samsung Captivate And Other Android Devices

Honeycomb Music Player Samsung Captivate

Last year at Google I/O, Google exhibited the next generation Music Player app for its Android operating system but it did not make its way with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, though a leaked player rumored to be intended for Android 3.0 Honeycomb has surfaced lately and you can install it on Samsung Captivate as well as many other Android devices.

snap20110107_033647This version of the Music app adds certain visual enhancements not present in the current Music app, including frosted glass backgrounds over different colored patterns, an impressive gallery layout for albums, an improved ‘Now playing’ screen with better album art and song info display and an overall better user experience.

We found this version on the XDA-Developers forums for Samsung Captivate but later discovered that it’s the same that’s been available for a few days now and works on other Android devices as well.

Some of the features that Google showed off at the I/O event are not functional in this leak, including the ability to directly send purchased music to your phone, and the ability to browse and play the music stored on your computer directly from your phone.

This version is not the final version of the player and may contain bugs but you don’t need to replace the default player with it – just install it as any other application and you will be able to use both the players.

To install this Music app, just download it from the link given below, extract the apk from the zip archive, connect your phone to your computer via USB, mount the SD card, transfer the extracted apk file to your phone and install it from there just like any other apk file.

Download Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music App


  1. this is not the android 3.0 honeycomb music player
    i dont know what is this music player but the android 3.0 honeycomb
    music player is amazing and if you want to see it see honeycomb review in any website

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