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Install Blue Android Market 2.2.7 On Nexus S And Other Android Phones

snap20101231_211430A custom blue version of the Android Market 2.2.7 developed by XDA-Developers forum member pendo has just been released for the Samsung / Google Nexus S, and it works on other Android devices as well.  We just installed it on our HTC Desire and it works flawlessly. To grab it for your phone, read on for the download link and installation instructions.

The Android Market app saw a few updates in the past month, first to version 2.2.6 and then to 2.2.7 to fix the issues in 2.2.6 for devices with large screens. This latest update used a more attractive interface with green as the dominant color. If the ROM that you are using is predominantly blue (or cyan like our CyanogenMod) and you want your Market app to match its color, or if you just like blue better than green, you can install it on your Android device as well as follows.

Before you begin, your device must be rooted as installing this version of Market involves replacing the one previously installed in /system/apps. Once you have your device rooted, you have two ways to install the Blue Android Market.

  1. Manually replacing the existing vending.apk in /system/apps with the new one:
    • If you have ‘Root Explorer’, use it to browse to /system/apps on your phone and backup your existing vending.apk file by making its copy in some other safe location like on your SD card. If you do not have ‘Root Explorer’, you can use ‘Super Manager’ instead which is available for free in the Android Market.
    • Download the blue market’s apk version from the link given below. Despite being the APK version, it is zipped so first extract vending.apk from the zip file that you downloaded.
    • Connect your phone to your PC, mount the SD card and copy this extracted vending.apk file to its SD card.
    • Now manually copy this vending.apk file to /system/apps using Root Explorer or Super Manager, replacing the existing vending.apk there.
    • Reboot your phone.
  2. Flashing the new market to your phone via recovery:

That’s it – you now have the custom blue Android Market installed on your device. I am using it on my device and it looks great with the overall cyan / blue theme of my CyanogenMod ROM.

Download Blue Android Market 2.2.7 (APK)

Download Blue Android Market 2.2.7 (Flashable ZIP)

[via XDA-Developers]

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