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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Photon 4G Via Bootstrap Recovery

photon-4G-ClcokworkmodWe have confirmation that the Bootstrap custom recovery app is working for the Motorola Photon 4G Android phone. The Photon 4G was only recently rooted, and thanks to efforts of developers over at XDA, especially those who worked on making Bootstrap working on the Droid X2, the Photon 4G has successfully managed to run the ClockworkMod custom recovery without any issues at all. The APK – as are all the bootstrap recoveries built into – is a direct pull from the Droid X2 and according to bane449 who put his device up for testing, and according to the feedback on the forums, this seems to work as it should.

For those of you who would question the need of a custom recovery, you should know that with root access alone, you will not be able to flash custom ROMs or kernels, or for that matter, any unsigned zip packages. With a recovery installed, you can also create backups of your entire ROM as it is and restore it later on when you wish to. For more, see our guide on what is ClockworkMod recovery for Android and how to use it.

To get this recovery up and running on your phone, you need to do nothing more than install an APK file. The app will install the Tenfar ClockworkMod recovery on your device.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • A Rooted Motorola Photon 4G. See our guide on rooting the Photon 4G.
  • (https://files.acsyndicate.net/pub/users/Steve/MOTODX2_Bootstrap_signed.apk) Bootstrap recovery.apk


  1. To begin, download the Bootstrap app from the link above and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  2. Install the app via any file manager.
  3. Run the app and tap Install recovery.
  4. Accept the Superuser request when prompted.
  5. Plug your device into the wall charger and verify that the phone is charging.
  6. Now tap Recovery Boot, to bring your device to boot into Tenfar’s CWM recovery.

For more updates and queries related to this recovery, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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  1. So does anyone know if this works on the USCC Motorola Electrify. They’re pretty much the same piece of hardware and all the other photon stuff works but this seems a little sketchy.

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