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Install / Flash Android 2.1 Eclair On Xperia X10 Mini With Flashtool

In case you were looking for a way to upgrade your Sony Ericsson X10 Mini to Android 2.1 Eclair, then there is a simpler way to do it. Folks over at XDA have recently posted a Flashtool that allows the user to seamlessly upgrade their X10 Mini without any glitches. The users who have tested this method have confirmed that it works without a hitch for X10 Mini. Please note that this method is not valid or working for X10 Mini pro and any adventures with this handset might cause a brick.

So let’s cut the talk short and get straight to installing / flashing Android 2.1 Eclair on your X10 Mini with XperiaX10miniFlashtool:

According to the author of Flashtool, it is important to WIPE User Data before applying this procedure. Negating this instruction can place your phone in a boot loop. You also need to disable all User Access Permissions in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in order to let the tool do it’s job properly.  As we didn’t test this tool ourselves,so we are not sure if this method stands valid for users with root.

  1. The first step is to download Flashtool from here and save it to your desktop.
  2. Once this is done, download Xperia X10 Mini 2.1 Firmware file.
  3. Now turn your phone on and connect it to the PC.
  4. Now open open Flashtool directory followed by Firmware sub folder.
  5. In the Firmware subfolder, copy all the contents of mini.rar [firmware] you just download.
  6. Now execute Flashtool.bat and follow onscreen instructions closely to install Android 2.1 Eclair on your X10 mini.
  7. Once the procedure is finished, reboot your phone.

There you go! You now have Android 2.1 Eclair installed on your Xperia X10 Mini.

If you are facing any difficulty with the tool or the flashing method, please consult the official XDA thread here.

Disclaimer: Please use this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible for any permanent / non-permanent damage caused to your device due to this method.

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  • krishna

    how to connect my x10 mini in flash mode anyone help 🙁

  • Chris

    Thanks for the info. Just finished flashing now and will post back after boot and testing 🙂 Xperia x10 mini E10i

    • krishna

      how to coonect in flash mode ?

  • hassan

    to connect in flash mode

    turn off
    hold back key
    release when detected

  • barawleh

    i tried this

    it works

  • Jose

    Hi, someone knows if this firmware works for xperia x10 mini E10a ??

  • Robert

    xperia 10 mini – ok

  • Robert


  • venom

    Ya flashee mi x10a mini con este metodo a 2.1 y ya no me funciona el 3G, que hago?

  • wewey

    please help…. ASAP

    Start flashing…
    Sending loader…
    Flashing amss_fs.sin…
    Flashing cache.sin…
    Flashing amss.sin…

    its been like hours, stuck with “Flashing amss.sin”


  • sreekanth

    Start flashing…
    Sending loader…
    Flashing amss_fs.sin…
    Flashing cache.sin…
    Flashing amss.sin…

    to this one takes abt 5min satys like this for hours…please help meee

  • Rohan

    Works for me !!!

    If fails Retry !!! it will work … choose correct phone model !!!

  • ubikace

    Hi men,

    Is this solution for the mini PRO version too? Thx a lot.

  • kramer

    tart flashing…
    Sending loader…
    Flashing amss_fs.sin…
    Flashing cache.sin…
    Flashing amss.sin…
    stuck 4 hours plz help

  • newman

    choose correct phone mini is E10i now x10

  • newman

    sorry correct model for x10 mini is e10

  • dnail

    it´s works on E10a ????
    its necessary to root the device before???

  • zack

    actually, how to install this firmware?
    becoz the flash tool is still searching for the xperia..
    is it must be on flash mode?but i’ve tried it.stil the same.

    the procedure above does not clear.can somebody help me?

  • aesh

    like zack said can we get proper instructions plz

  • Hello everyone. As the disclaimer said in the guide, there may be problems when trying to flash an operating system to your device. The article says “If you are facing any difficulty with the tool or the flashing method, please consult the official XDA thrad here.” Please try contacting the developer via that thread. 🙂

  • Rajiv

    i just updated and now my phone is updated but my screen is locked i cant unlock it plzzzzzzz help

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  • wong

    can anybody help me ~~~
    pls tell me where can download the x10mini bluetooth setup~
    thanks you~~~

  • jj

    Guys is this working on x10 mini pro(not the mini but mini pro) thanks

  • Rajesh Kanattu

    Dear All,

    I am a newbie to the Android OS and phones and live in Dubai.

    The below two posts really helped me to flash my wife’s Android phone to include Market Applicatio. Its really easy and everythig worked for me..Check out this…



  • Lyssa

    i cant download the flash tool..it says server not found… help…!!!

  • waqasmalik

    Hi friends plz help I have problem that I can not downloaded vedios from my mobile x 10mini when I click any vedio for download there error that you mobile can not support this file and also ican,t open hotmail on my mobile plz help .thanks

  • in

    I hv x10 flashtool.exe is it the same as bat??i copied the content of the rar file to firmware folder but once I execute x10flashtool.exe to start flashing the folder appears blank..do I need a certain type of software on my laptop?please help..am sick of 1.6

  • simran

    I want to know one thing m deleting many of folders n facing many of problems then m reset my phn n delete all the applications now m really need of android mkt, bt nw it cant be support ,plz be my fvr n best suggesstion suggest me , m waiting plz reply soon

  • land

    is this work in mini pro ou in mini only?

  • Www Fhadi73

    hi i try to update my phone (x10 mini pro) but now it just restart and don,t com up . what i must to do?

  • JAva

    download nao funciona