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Install Honeycomb ROM Port On Advent Vega Android Tablet

advent-vega-honeycombWe have confirmation of Honeycomb being ported to the Advent Vega. The ROM is like most other Honeycomb ports out there for other Android devices and lacks many of the basic functions. However, it brings in a change that none have offered so far, that is hardware graphics acceleration. For more on this Honeycomb based ROM and how to download it, read on!

Credits go to newbe5, Corvus, the guys working on the NotionInk Adam port at TabletROMs and HomerSp, for the brilliant work on fixing the hardware acceleration.

As said earlier the ROM allows hardware graphics acceleration, which means no more slow and lagging animations. This is a huge development which may eventually effect other Android devices that do have Honeycomb ports available, but are slow as anything due to the lack of hardware acceleration. Apart from that, the ROM has functioning widgets and most Android apps run fine on it. Even better, it has ClockworkMod recovery built into it and since the first release, quite a few functions that were previously broken have been fixed.

  • Google Apps are now working.
  • Moved some apps to /data and shrunk the /system partition to 260mb to give you some more space now that the market works!
  • SD card is now detected.
  • Audio output is working.
  • Wi-fi is now functional but still a bit buggy.
  • The G-Sensor has been fixed and auto-rotation now works.
  • All hardware buttons now work properly.
  • A Lock screen has been added along with root and superuser.

So now that you understand what you’re dealing with, let’s take it up for a spin on your Advent Vega!

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Download the ROM and recovery drivers from the link above and extract them.
  2. Now to enter into recovery mode. Plug the Vega to your pc, power socket as well and then turning it off.
  3. Keeping the back button pressed, press the power button after 2 seconds and letting go of it after 2 more seconds. After 2 more seconds, let go of the back button you’ve been holding all this time.
  4. Incase you did this for the first time you’ll be prompted for a driver. Simply point it to the folder where you extracted the drivers. When you do so, a message will pop up saying, “This driver is currently not signed.” Nothing wrong here simply allow it to be installed and you’ll be good to go.
  5. Now in the folder where you extracted the ROM you will find two files named Restore_Windows.bat and Restore_Linux.sh.
  6. If you’re on Windows, run the Restore_Windows.bat file or if you’re on Linux open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you extracted the ROM and enter the following command:
  7. Wait patiently as the ROM is installed on your Vega and once the process is finished, press Enter to exit and remove the USB cable.
  8. Simply power on the Vega and it will should boot into the new Honeycomb ROM!

For updates and queries visit the forum thread at TabletRoms.


  1. After installing everything seemed fine until I started trying to use the keyboard. Then the screen would jump all over the place. Characters nowhere near where I would type would appear and new sections of the screen would randomly select whilst typing inserting text where not required.

  2. So far honeycomb works well. but cant play videos the film plays in mp3 but jumps from frame to frame and no sound please help

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