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Install LG Optimus 2X Widgets On Android 2.3.3 Device

LG Optimus 2X is considered to be one of the most powerful Android phone out there to date. Whilst sporting some awesome hardware specs, there’s a bunch of software goodies that LG packed into its device. One of the highlights is the generous amounts of widgets at hand and while more avid Android users may have come across the LG Optimus 2X weather widget, there was a lot more that was not ripped. Read on for the screenshots and to download Optimus 2X’s widgets.

Credits to XDA-Developers forum member timbrendelaz for ripping these widgets from the Optimus 2X and making them available to us. What’s even better is that the widgets are APK files allowing you to install them with ease and comfort. These widgets were originally tested  on a Samsung Captivate running Serendipity 7 ROM based on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and reported to be working perfectly. That said, we at Addictivetips tried these out on our Samsung Galaxy S I9000 running Darky’s 10.1 ROM (2.3.3) and found most widgets to be functioning with the exception of the Memo and Music widget.

You have the following widgets available to you:

  • Analogue Alarm Clock Widget (3 widgets).
  • Analogue Clock Widget (4 large widgets & 10 small widgets!).
  • Clock / Weather / Schedule Widget.
  • Digital Clock Widget (4 widgets).
  • News & Weather.
  • Memo Widget.
  • Message Widget (SMS Widget).
  • Music Widget (for Music app, not Samsung stock music player app).
  • Today’s Schedule Widget.
  • World Clock Widget.
  • Yahoo News Widget.

Weather and EventsAlarmsclock-digitalClock-analogueClock-analogue-2Clock-analogue-3Clock-analogue-4Clock-analogue-smallClock-analogue-small-2musicScheduleWorldClockSMS-widgetSMS-previewWeather and NewsYahoo news

While the music player did not work for us, even with the stock Google Music app, it might just work for you. So go ahead, try these awesome widgets out!

Download LG Optimus 2X Widgets.

[via: XDA-Developers]

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