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Install Mario Live Wallpaper on any Android Device

Mario Live WallpaperBeing geeks, we are big-time Mario fans here at AddictiveTips and when we came across Mario Live Wallpaper for Android, we just couldn’t help putting our ROMs and hacks aside to give it a shot. If you want to see Mario jump, stomp, kick, punch and fireball his way through the landscape, caves and castles, read on for details.

Mario Live Wallpaper is brought you by the same developer who made our just-featured Video Live Wallpaper that lets you set one or more videos as the live wallpaper of your Android device. Unlike Video Live Wallpaper, you don’t see videos your own choice but you rather see something even better – Mario at work or perhaps fun, killing or ducking enemies, jumping over ditches and across obstacles, collecting stars and in general, being the cool plumber that he is while he attempts to save Princess Peach. Here is a fan-made video of the live wallpaper in action.

Mario Live Wallpaper can be downloaded from the link given below and installed to your Android device using the APK. We recommend using Astro File Manager for the purpose or if you want to directly install it from your computer without copying the APK to your Android device, check out our previously featured application App Injector.

Once installed, the live wallpaper can be set by tapping and holding on your home screen. There are several configurable options including the FPS rate, background tweaks, priority settings etc. Though do expect significantly low battery time if you are using this wallpaper in AI mode because in the words of the developer – ” In AI mode, Mario’s moves aren’t played back from memory but are instead calculated in real-time, making this live wallpaper a cpu-intensive task”. Disabling AI mode will use pre-calculated moves and thus, relatively lower battery consumption.

Mario Live Wallpaper is available to install and use for free but if you like the app, consider donating to the developer. We have tested it on our HTC HD2 running a custom Android ROM but it should work on any Android device that supports live wallpapers.

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