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Install ROM Add-On For Advent Vega to Get Extra Features


Advent Vega got a couple of official firmware updates and the latest is v1.09 which brings Flash support, fullscreen notifications and its own touch calibration tool to the tablet. What we have for you here, is a collective installation of the latest Android firmware and the below mentioned custom addons, which are not available in the stock firmware. To learn more about it or install it to your tablet, read on after the break.


  • Small Taskbar
  • Android Market
  • Superuser Application
  • Spare Parts Application
  • 3D Gallery
  • Edited build.prop for full market.

Now that you know what you can expect from this Add-on, let’s proceed to getting it up and running on your device.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device gets bricked or damaged in the process.


  • Advent Vega USB Driver
  • Advent Vega Latest Firmware v1.09<
  • USB Cable for PC to Vega connection.
  • Advent Vega ROM Add-On Part1
  • Advent Vega ROM Add-On Part2
  • Gmail Add-On
  • 50% or more battery before you begin. 75% or more recommended.


1 – Upgrading the Firmware

We will begin with upgrading the firmware of your device to the latest one. You may skip this step if you have already upgraded your tablet’s firmware to v1.09.

  1. Turn off the device amd connect it to your PC.
  2. Hold the Back button for 2 seconds.
  3. Keep the Back button held and press and hold the Power button for 2 seconds.
  4. Release the Power button but keep holding the Back button for a further 2 seconds.
  5. Release the back button. Your device will now boot into recovery.
  6. When prompted by Windows for a driver, point to the location where you extracted the USB drivers above.
  7. Once driver installation is complete, run the Advent Vega Restore Image file.
  8. A DOS window will appear and complete the process. Do not break the USB connection.
  9. Once the image is installed, press ‘Enter’ to exit when prompted.
  10. Remove the USB cable, power on your device and confirm the firmware version in Settings > About Device.

2 – Installing the ROM Add-On:

Now that your device is fully upgraded to the latest firmware, we can carry on with the ROM Add-on installation.

  1. Download both parts of the aforementioned ROM Add-On and extract any of them. They will be extracted to a single zip file.
  2. Place the zip file on your SD card.
  3. Navigate to Settings>Software Tools>Software Updates and choose the location of the zip file on your SD card.
  4. Run the update. Your device will reboot and an ‘Out of the box’ android logo would appear while the installation takes place. You will not lose any data/apps already installed on your system. The device will reboot automatically after the process has finished.
  5. Once you’re back into your system, install Gmail Add-On using the same method.
  6. Now go to the Android Market and install all the Google apps that you want.
  7. If your Flash is not working, navigate to /etc/shuttle_data and run flash.apk. This will reinstall the the included Flash Player.

Congratulations! You are done. Enjoy the new functionality on your Advent Vega. For any queries, suggestions or issues, head over to the XDA Developers forum thread.

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