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Install XBMC Remote Modified For Viewsonic G Tablet

Due to their large screens, Android tablets like the Viewsonic G Tablet can benefit from redesigned applications a lot, and one such redesign for the XBMC (Xbox Media Center) Remote app has just been released by XDA-Developers forum member WickedStyx. If you own a Viewsonic G Tablet and want to remotely control your XBMC with it, read on for details.

Viewsonic G Tablet XBMC Remote

Using your handheld device to remotely control your computer can be immensely useful, especially if your computer is setup as a media center with a smart TV-like large menu interface that is suitable to use better with a remote control while sitting on your couch comfortably, rather than with a keyboard and a mouse while sitting on your desk. The famous XBMC (Xbox Media Center) is one great example of such a media center user interface and its popularity has made it the first choice for controlling remotely from our Android phones.

While there is an official XBMC remote app available on the Market, it is built for phones. As Android tablets increase in popularity, the need for tablet-optimized apps increases, as due to their higher screen resolution, the apps built for phones seem stretched out when running on those. That’s why the developer decided to port XBMC remote to the View Sonic G Tablet, for easily being able to control your XBMC right from the tablet.

This version of the XBMC remote is modified from the official XBMC Remote app to display properly on the large screen of the Viewsonic G Tablet. The rescaling has been done for both portrait and landscape modes of the tablet and it scales the remote control to full screen in both modes, while displaying the status bar.

XBMC Remote Viewsonic G Tablet

While in Now Playing view, the playback controls scale to the screen width. Features planned for future releases include a gesture controls, fixing the layout for Library view and landscape support for Library and Now Playing views. As you can see in the images above, the scaling has been done nicely, with all the graphics rendering smoothly. Using its large buttons is a breeze, and once you get used to controlling your XBMC from the pleasure of your couch this way, going back to keyboard/mouse or conventional remote controls would be a big no.

To install the app, just download it from the link given below, extract the apk file from the zip archive, copy it to your device and simply tap on the APK file from any file manager of your choice. For updates, feature requests or bug reports, head over to this XDA-Developers forum thread.

Download XBMC Remote for Viewsonic G Tablet

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