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InstantReddit Is A Comprehensive Third-Party Reddit Client For WP7

Despite the huge number of WP7 users who are on Reddit, the service does not have an official app for Windows Phone 7. In iOS and Android, there are a lot of third-party clients which are very popular among Redditers. Luckily, WP7 is now starting to get a few options for browsing Reddit as well, like the recently released InstantReddit. This free app will let you use your Reddit account in full, and you can do anything using the app which is possible via the web version of the service. You can post new content, browse through your favourite subreddits or navigate through the app just via images. Messaging and voting options are available in the app as well, along with profile management and thorough search options.

InstantReddit Home InstantReddit

If you do not have a Reddit account, then this app is certainly not for you. However, it is possible to sign up for Reddit with ease via InstantReddit. As soon as you log in using your account credentials, the app will take you straight to your Messages. It is possible to read through all the cached messages, and also reply to them. The real fun starts in my reddits section, which is further divided into two menus, favorites and subscribed. In any of the listed reddits, you can go its contents by entering it, and tapping the topic caption. To comment on anything, or to view feedback from other users, tap the comments bubble next to each reddit.

InstantReddit Reddits InstantReddit Photo

Search is also supported in the app, and it looks through the whole database of Reddit to find the topic you were looking for. For each post, there is the option to vote on it, or share it with anyone via email. You can view the post’s source link by opening it in Internet Explorer.

For a free app with a nice interface, InstantReddit definitely has the potential of becoming your most used app if you are a Reddit addict.

Download InstantReddit for Windows Phone

Update: The app has now become even cooler than before. You can view images in both landscape and portrait mode, while the image viewer has received other minor improvements as well. Filters have been added to the InstantReddit mix, and now you can easily sort and categorize subreddits based on their content or topics. The upvote and downvote markers are visible in the comments section too, thanks to the app’s latest update.

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