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iTriage: A Comprehensive Health App For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

No one wants to be the central character from Jerome K. Jerome’s “The Man Who Was A Hospital”, and read so much about ailments that they start feeling themselves suffering from almost all of them, but in most cases, a basic knowledge of medicines and medical procedures can prove really useful. iTriage is an app for the iPhone, using which you can gain knowledge of different diseases, their symptoms and treatment. The app will also serve as your personal medical record-keeper, and is designed to tell you everything about the medication you might be on, or anything else imaginable about disease and cure.

iTriage iTriage Causes

The homepage of iTriage lists 9 main categories that you can browse through, and if you are not sure where to look, there is always the Search option. In Symptoms, you can either view all the diseases and their symptoms, or you can use the more interesting graphical option of discovering your disease and confirming its symptoms. The graphical method involves tapping on a body part in the image presented on the screen. This will bring up all the diseases related to that area of the human body, and you can choose a relevant option to view its details. The Doctors menu provides you with details on the location of doctors who specialize in any given field. By default, iTriage will display doctors near your current location, but that can be changed from that same menu.

iTriage Disease List iTriage Disease Description

If you want to know where the nearest treatment facility is located, iTriage tells you that, too! Each disease has its own page, where you can see just about everything you could think of related to that ailment. There are Images, Videos, Web Search and Advice Lines for every listed entry. The app supports bookmarking, and if you come across something interesting, you can tag it for later viewing as well. For emergencies, you can use iTriage to find out the contact information and phone numbers of nearby hospitals, clinics and treatment centers.

iTriage Facility List iTriage treatments

Using iTriage, you can keep your own profile separately saved within the app, which will help you keep track of your health condition. The app connects with Google Health, and you can associate all the app’s data with the information on your Google account. Using the app might prove to be an overwhelming experience for some users due to the sheer number of options available in iTriage, but to counter that, there is a very detailed graphic-aided tutorial of the app available within it. This will not only guide you through all the options, but also showcase the awesome features on offer by iTriage.

iTriage can be considered a life-saving app, and maybe that’s the reason it is available as a free download in the App Store.

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