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Kidfolio For iPhone: A Social Network For Parents & Scrapbook For Baby Photos

If you use Facebook, or any other social network for that matter, you must have noticed that people, in general, are fond of sharing and looking at photos of babies. Mostly, the people interested in such shares are themselves parents, so it seems like a reasonable idea to provide parents with a social network of their own, which is exactly the thing Kidfolio has done. This newly released iOS app acts both as a scrapbook for baby photos, and a social network where you can share said scrapbook with anyone you want. The app also provides its users with useful parenting tips, and a place where you can meet other parents to discuss your problems. An impressive Aviary-powered photo editor within the app provides all the essential editing and styling features that one may require.

Kidfolio Feed Kidfolio Comments

Although it is possible to browse through some areas of Kidfolio without creating an app account, but that takes away the whole purpose of the app. So, it is better if you sign up for an account before doing anything. To do so, users can link their Facebook account with Kidfolio, or create an account from scratch using their email ID. Once the sign up procedure is complete, you will be taken to the main feed of Kidfolio, which can be sorted based on recent or popular posts. You can also choose to view photos of babies belonging to a certain age group. Only public photos are displayed in this feed, so you need not worry about privacy issues. Your friends can comment on your photos even if they are not on Kidfolio, as long as you have linked your Facebook account with the app.

Kidfolio Photo Editor Kidfolio Article Kidfolio Forums

The big camera button on the bar at the bottom can be used to snap or edit photos in impressive detail. Kidfolio comes with an Aviary-powered photo editor, which provides a respectable number of photo effects, and options to alter the brightness, hue, saturation, colors and dimensions of photos. The option to add text to your photos is provided by Kidfolio itself within the bar at the bottom of the main interface.

The Parenting section lists articles that can help new parents through every stage their child goes through. If you find an article really useful, you can share it over Facebook or Twitter as well. For help regarding specific topics, you can head over to the Kidfolio forums located in the Groups section of the app.

Much like the new timeline feature in Facebook, Kidfolio has a good system of highlighting the important moments in a newborn’s life. This is done through badges that can be attached to photos of said moments. In short, if you own an iOS device, and are a parent, Kidfolio is a must-have.

The app is available for free in the App Store, and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Kidfolio

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