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LocalAPK Checks If APK Files On Your PC Are Up To Date [Android]

Its easy enough to update apps installed on your Android  device. But what if you want a collection of updated APKs for all your favorite apps saved on your computer? And what if your phone is on a limited data plan and/or your home’s WiFi network on the fritz? Here is a Windows-based solution from XDA-Developers member egzthunder1. LocalAPK for Windows alerts you of available updates for all the APK files that are sitting in your local hard drive or in your device. All the information and update is retrieved directly from the Android Market so that you can stay up-to-date with your Android applications without  checking them frequently on your device. Remember, LocalAPK is not meant to update APK files. Instead, it only checks whether these APK files are up to date or not.

LocalAPK can come to the rescue of Android users under so many circumstances. For instance, you’re waiting for your brand new Galaxy to arrive, and want to side-load all the APKs in fully updated form, LocalAPK is at your service. Likewise, any apps whose status doesn’t get updated can be instantly checked for removal in the Android Market, so that you may discard it from the list and look for an alternative.

Download LocalAPK from the link provided below, extract all the files from the downloaded compressed package and run LocalAPK.exe. To make the program work, Launch LocalAPK > Click Options > Settings > Add and select a directory containing APK files. You can add and remove as many directories from your PC as you like. Similarly, if your device is attached to the PC, you can add all the directories that contain APK file of any sort and find out if their updates are available or not. The provided file directory is automatically scanned for all APK files and their respective updates (if any) from the Market every time the client is launched. Up-to-date APK files are highlighted in green whereas applications with available updates in the Market are highlighted in red. Any unrecognized applications contain a question mark ‘?’ before their title. The client was tested successfully with quite a prolonged list of APK files on Windows 7.

This solution is best for users that have limited mobile data plans that restrict them from checking out latest updates of their favorite apps from the Market. You can head over to the relevant XDA-Developer’s Forum to download and get additional info on the application.

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