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Make Free, Cross-Platform Voice & Video Calls With Tango For WP7

Skype might still be missing from Windows Phone 7’s Marketplace, but many of its alternatives (WNM Lite, for instance) have made their way to Mango, and now, the popular multi-platform video calling application Tango has been released for WP7 as well. Using Tango, you can make voice and video calls to any of your contacts who use Tango, and they don’t have to be using a Windows Phone to connect with you; you can interact with your Android, iOS and Windows PC using friends too!

Tango for WP7 Tango Call

The first thing that will probably come to your mind is that this app is a video chat app and thus useless for a majority of WP7 users whose devices do not sport a front-facing camera. But don’t despair, the app is useful even for WP7 devices lacking two cameras. You can use Tango to make voice calls and stay in touch with your friends.

However, before you can do anything, you need to sign in with your Tango account. If you don’t have one, signing up is easy. All you need to do is enter your phone number and email address along with some other basic information.

Tango Contacts Tango Call Log

Tango for WP7 pulls all your contacts from the People hub and indicates which of them are already on Tango. For all other contacts, you can send an SMS inviting them to join your network. Tap a Tango contact in the list and a call will be placed for you. You don’t have to choose at the start of the call whether you want video or just audio chat. Once the call is through, you can start talking to your contact, and at any time during the call, you can switch to video chat by tapping the video button in the call status bar. The app maintains complete call records of your previous Tango conversations. The interface is just like the stock call app and the contacts are arranged in a very metro-looking way too.

For now, there seem to be some bugs in the app. As per our experience, the iOS client does not register WP7 users as having Tango, but those using the WP7 client can still make calls to iPhone users. The voice quality seems to be quite respectable too.

Tango is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace, so do give it a try, even if your WP7 device doesn’t have a front-facing camera.

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