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Making Audio Notes Made Easier With Sound Shaper For Windows Phone 7

When it comes to app development, there are two ways to go about it. You can choose to add lots of glossy-looking, useless features hiding the real functionality of the app, or you can go for simplicity and create a task-dedicated app with an uncluttered interface. Experience has shown that from among the two categories just highlighted, the second one is usually more popular with the users. Sound Shaper is one such simple app which has been developed for Windows Phone 7 users and focuses on just one task, i.e. recording sounds with one touch!

Sound ShaperRecording Session

Sound Shaper comes with the utility to record sounds with a 3 button interface. Hit the play button to start rolling and you can keep on going for as long as you want. There is no limit to the time of a clip and it can be as long as your phone’s memory lasts.

Besides recording the sound, the only other service offered by Sound Shaper is the ability to tinker with the pitch of the clip. We used this feature to achieve quite hilarious effects, changing a normal voice to its chipmunk version. But it can also prove to be useful for serious purposes, like adjusting the quality of your recording and voice. The major positive aspect of this app is the ease with which you can arrange your sound clips. It keeps all your recordings in one place and accessible with a touch of your hand.

The app is free, although ad-supported, but if you are really in to audio note-taking, then Sound Shaper is a must-have for you.

Download Sound Shaper

[via WMPU]

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