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MegaPlayer – Search & Download Videos From Various Websites [Android]

Looking to download videos from various online video streaming services on your Android? Try MegaPlayer – a free web browser and downloader for Android that lets you search for and download videos directly from multiple video streaming services such as YouTube, Megavideo, Videobb, Novamov, Videoweed, Movshare, VideoZer and more. In order to make MegaPlayer work effectively, you need to download at least one (if not all) of the Trial Packs that are easily available on the Android Market. Apart from downloading videos in high speed, MegaPlayer comes with resume support for all your downloads.

MegaPlayer is quite easy to use. With the search button on the app’s toolbar, you can browse various websites for the links to your favorite videos (only on supported services though). All your ongoing downloads can be viewed from the downloads tab. You can resume downloads or cancel them from this screen. The app uses its built-in web browser to let you search for video files from supported websites. Using this web browser, you can easily add favorite webpages to your bookmarks and tap on the video link to begin downloading. It’s simple, it’s quick and works quite effectively, without requiring Flash Player. As of now, the app supports popular video file formats including FLV, MP4 and AVI. Remember, MegaPlayer does not have its own video player. It merely downloads videos.

As mentioned earlier, you must have at least one of the MegaPlayer Trial Packs installed along with the app to download videos from various services. Each trial pack contains support for specific websites, so make sure that you’ve got a relevant pack installed before downloading any video from a particular website. You can also find purchasable version of each pack on the Android Market.

The app notifies you of completed downloads. All video files are sorted/displayed on the app according to the date of download and can be viewed from within the Video tab. Downloaded video files can be found in the /sdcard/MegaPlayer folder.

On the customization front, the app allows locking Wi-Fi in order to keep the connection active as long as downloads are in progress and has the capability to turn off the connection automatically as soon as downloading ends. You can also toggle the option of using mobile networks for your downloads and specify connection timeout and connection recheck time. Apart from network settings, you can also modify various browser, graphics and notification settings for the app.

The app and its entire downloading/resuming mechanism was tested successfully on our Samsung Galaxy S using various online video streaming services such as YouTube and Megavideo. Remember, you will not be able to play all downloaded videos using the stock video player. You might have to install a video player with support for multiple formats (such as MX Video Player).

Download MegaPlayer for Android

Update: Mega Player seems to be no longer available in the Google Play Store. However, you may find plenty of better alternative video downloading Android apps that let you download content from various online video hosting and sharing services.


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