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MX Video Player For Android Plays Almost Any Video File Format

MX Video Player is a free video player for Android that comes with support for almost every video file format known to date along with multiple subtitle files such as mkv subtitle track, .srt, .sub, .ass, .mpl, .psb etc. Rich graphical UI, high quality full-screen video playback, editable playlist features, advanced video playback controls, customizable subtitle options, easy switch between hardware and software decoder and its compatibility with most Android devices makes MX Video Player a must-have tool for all your video playback needs.

Although there are quite a few video players available for Android users but MX Video Player simply has the edge when it comes to finding a player that combines optimum quality video playback options with a host of video formats. MX Video player supports all the popular video file formats including:

  • avi
  • mpeg
  • mp4
  • wmv
  • divx
  • xvid
  • mov
  • flv
  • vob
  • 3gp
  • and more…

The player has the capability to auto-detect video files from your device directories through its Video Scan option. Users can also search for videos files and select preferred video folders manually. The best thing about MX Video Player is that it does not require external codecs to play any specific video format although there are various codecs available for selective devices. Plus, detailed information of any video being played can be viewed within the app.

Videos can be controlled while they’re being played through various gestures. For instance, a simple little tap on the screen toggles video play/pause, horizontal drag anywhere on the screen allows playback position adjustment (seeking), vertical drag on the left side of the screen adjusts brightness of the video while vertical drag on the right of the screen increases/decreases volume. MX Video Player also supports audio track selection for videos that contain multiple audio tracks. Subtitles can be easily searched and/or scrolled during video playback. MX Video Player remembers resume position for all video files. Screen controls can be locked while the videos are being played for an uninterrupted movie experience.

During our brief test run of the player on various devices, MX Video Player played multiple video formats quite smoothly and almost flawlessly. However, MX Video Player displays ads at the bottom of the screen while video is paused which is perhaps the only blemish in an otherwise useful app.  The app is available in the Android Market free of cost and requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Download MX Video Player for Android


  1. works superb on samsung galaxy nexus
    can anybody plz tell me that how to change audio tracks when a video has two of them…..???

  2. I purchased the MX Pro version of the player for my Galaxy Andtroid tablet and it has not supported any of the video formats that it says because I have them on my phone. So have I wasted money here or is it compatible with the Andtroid Galaxy tablet??????

  3. Anyone know why I can only watch about 5 minutes of an mpeg video before it closes? It would be an amazing player if not for that.

  4. Hi any one can tell me that does it possible to integrate this media player inDrupal 6 node body if yes then tell me how?

  5. Hi any one can tell me that does it possible to integrate this media player inDrupal 6 node body if yes then tell me how?

  6. Hi any one can tell me that does it possible to integrate this media player inDrupal 6 node body if yes then tell me how?

  7. It works perfectly on the Toshiba Thrive! Haven’t found a format yet it will not play! Running Android 3.1 Tried several including the built in Toshiba media player and this is by far the best android media player out there.

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