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Mimic Hardware Keys On Android Devices Using Gestures via zMooth

Hardware keys were part of early Android devices, like the much popular and still widely used, HTC Desire. Then we had the versatile HTC HD2 that ran Windows Mobile but can now run the Android OS. The HD2 has hardware keys as well. While newer devices have shifted over to capcitative hardware keys and we all know it’s such a blessing. So for those of you becoming tired of pressing those hardware keys on your HD2 or Desire, XDA-Developers forum member windroidHD brings to you zMooth, an app that mimics your hardware keys via on screen gestures!

The app is free on the Android market and up for the grabs. An important thing to note is that the app was intended for the HD2 by the developer, however, we saw no reason why it shouldn’t work on other devices, even ones with capacitative hardware keys. We successfully tested it on our HTC HD2 and Desire HD.

Below you can see a few screenshots and we’ll show you how simple and functional this app actually is.



Starting of the app, you will see a blue translucent highlight at the bottom of the screen. That is where the gestures are registered. When you’re about to swipe in a gesture, the box automatically pops up for more room. The gestures are simple and do not need to be very accurate. Swipe left to go back, swipe Right to mimic the menu button. To move to your home-screen simply draw an Arrow pointing upwards as shown in the screenshot above. You will have to try it to realize how simple it actually is.

Like it? You can grab it from the Android Market via the link given below or the provided QR code.

Download zMooth


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  • Luis

    Does anyone know where I can find those awesome icons?

  • RJT

    Please give me the link/name of that FONT ! I BEG YOU !!!

    • That’s MIUI’s default font. As far as I know, its plain and simple Arial.

    • Font name’s : Black n Bold, that’s all i see, hard to say what theme package it came with.

      I’d like to add that my LCD Density is set at 200, not the default 240.

  • AZ

    I love AT, you just saved me from my dilemma of repairing my HD2 or not as the menu option button had died and this solved my problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Cheers guys and keep up the work …..

    Regards from an avid follower 🙂