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Modus Operandi Performs Actions In Android Based On Your Location

Modus Operandi for Android 1 Modus Operandi for Android 2

Do you find yourself switching your Android phone’s volume and ringtone profiles often depending on whether you are at your office or home? Do you manually turn WiFi off when leaving for outdoors? With free app Modus Operandi, you will be able to set your device to automatically do all of this and more for you, based on your current location.

When asked why he developed it, XDA-Developers forum member azatoh – the developer of Modus Operandi – replied, “Because I need it and I don’t want do buy Locale for $9.90 or Tasker for $6.44. So I’ve developed Modus Operandi and released it and template for developers that want to code plugins for it and absolutly for free.”, and that pretty much explains the purpose of this free app.

With Modus Operandi, you basically create situations which are based a specific condition, and perform a particular action. For instance, you can set it to enable WiFi when you reach home or your workplace, and switch it off when you leave, or it can reduce your screen’s brightness level when the battery level reaches a specified minimum. At present, it calculates locations based on tower triangulation to save battery power but due to user requests, a future release will allow the users the option to utilize the phone’s internal GPS for the purpose.

Modus Operandi is built on a plugin-based architecture and currently available plugins include

  • Wifi Action
  • Battery Condition
  • Screen Brightness Action
  • Time Condition
  • Geolocalization Condition, and
  • Airplane Mode Action.

New plugins including Mobile Data Connection Action Plugin and Audio Manager Action Plugin are under development. Right now, it is not a full-blown alternative to our previously covered Tasker but it seems promising and works well with the currently available plugins.

The app was released just a few days ago and the developer community is already busy developing plugins for it to further enhance its capabilities. A quick search on AppBrain or in the Android Market for Modus Operandi already returns many results for several plugins already developed and released. In case you are a developer interested in developing plugins for Modus Operandi, you can download the Condition and Action plugin templates using the links given below.

To get in touch with the developer for more information, updates, plugin or feature requests, bug reports or submitting the plugins you’ve developed, head over the the app’s XDA-Developers forum thread.

To download Modus Operandi and try it out for yourself, just search for it in the Android Market, grab it from AppBrain using the link given below, or get it by scanning this QR Code.

Download Modus Operandi from AppBrain

Download Modus Operandi Plugin Action Template

Download Modus Operandi Condition Plugin Template

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