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BatteryLogger – Monitor And Improve iPhone Battery Life

As we have pointed out every now and then, battery life is the Achilles’ Heel of iPhones. What these devices have gained in terms of an amazing UI and unparalleled hardware, they are brought to their knees by the not-so-robust battery life. Apple offers a handful of tips on improving battery performance, but every battery tends to wear out over time. So how do you know when is it time to get your battery replaced? Or when to buy an external battery pack? How much juice can your device actually deliver before dying out?

BatteryLogger Lite answers these questions by logging your battery state over every change in battery percentage. Exclusive to Cydia via the BigBoss and PlanetiPhones repositories (and hence, exclusive to jailbroken iDevices only), this free package logs the changes in battery level of your iPhone/iPod Touch and presents the results in graphical form.

Battery Logger Lite (1) Battery Logger Lite (2) Battery Logger Lite (3)

This will help a user track the activities that drain the battery most, and how fast the drain is. It can also give you an indication of usage patterns, and identify the times when your battery is under most stress. It will also help you analyze the period it took for the battery to get fully charged and vice versa.

In order to get the maximum out of this application, use it in conjunction with Backgrounder, so that the application can monitor battery level changes from behind the scene as you use your phone normally.

While the lite version is free, the developer is also working on a paid version which will add extra functions, such as logging daemon, additional statistics, like total time on charging, total time awake, total time asleep and much more.

Search for BatteryLogger Lite in Cydia under the repositories mentioned above.


  1. The paid version is out in the App Store! – It’s called ‘BatteryLogger Pro’, and is infinitely better than this old hacky ‘lite’ version.

    I expect to have a bleeding edge version, called ‘BatteryLogger Plus’, out in the Cydia store as well.

  2. I hope this remains for free. Cydia apps are great but they've been trending more and more to developing paid apps rather than the freewares that they became so popular with.

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