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Motorola Droid X2 Bootstrap Recovery Leaks In The Wild [Download Available]

Finally there is some interesting news for Motorola Droid X2 owners as Droid X2 bootstrap recovery app is now available for download. The credit for this discovery goes to c21Johnson, who unearthed this gem while skimming through some Chinese forums discussing Android development; most probably GoAPK. There are certain users and developers at XDA not giving their consent to this build but there are users who have successfully installed Bootstrap recovery and also made and restored backups. There is a lot of controversy going on regarding this bootstrap build and we would like to stay away from it by just reporting what’s going on. According to some folks, this recovery was in reality written for Atrix 4G before it got modified and was made compatible with Motorola Droid X2.

For those who don’t know, installing this app will allow you to flash custom bootstrap recovery on your Droid X2. You can flash ROMs, partition SD Card, flash kernels, backup / restore your current ROM and do numerous stuff on your phone once you have a custom recovery on board. In order to install this bootstrap recovery on your Droid X2, simply download the file from here, unzip and then copy the APK to your phone. After you have copied the APK, use any file manager like Astro to install. After the installation is complete, tap to launch the app and follow onscreen instructions to detail in order to flash bootstrap custom recovery on your phone.

There is heated discussion going on regarding legitimacy and intellectual copyrights of this app, so please head to XDA thread here to get involved. We haven’t tested this app and you will be on your own after flashing it. Extreme caution is advised.

And if you are the developer of this recovery, please let us know in the comments area and we will be happy to add credits.


  1. I tried to do this multiple times and I got a new motorola droid x2 and I cannnot get it to recognize the SD card as beineng mounted.  I followed the instructions on the X2 bootstrap and can get in to recovery mode, wip data, choose zip to install (liberty3) but everyway I have done it, it appears it cannot mount the SD card.  Does anyone know why or how to fix this?

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