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Install ClockWorkMod Recovery On LG Revolution Easily [RevoToolKit]

ClockworkMod Recovery got ported to LG Revolution within days of it’s release. However the procedure to install / flash this custom recovery wasn’t that easy because you had to be good with ADB and all that geeky jazz. But now, thanks to thecubed, you can easily Install / Flash ClockworkMod Recovery on pre-rooted LG Revolution with RevoToolKit. The main objective of this simple application is to allow users to flash CWM recovery without taking the pain to manually tinker with ADB and other device settings. The entire app has been coded by thecubed and not only it helps you getting custom CWM recovery on your phone, but also allows to revert back to stock with a single tap.


Here is the step by step guide on install ClockworkMod Recovery on your LG Revolution with RevoToolKit app:

  1. The first step is to make sure that you have root privileges on your LG Revolution. You can follow our guide posted here for this purpose.
  2. Once done, download the RevoToolKit APK from here directly to your phone and install it using any installer or stock installation option.
  3. Once you have the app installed, launch it by tapping the RevoToolKit icon.
  4. Now make sure that you are connected over a stable Wi-Fi network with internet access.
  5. After this, tap on Install Recovery and select the top most latest recovery option in the resulting menu.
  6. Now sit back and relax while the recovery installs on your phone.
  7. After the installation is complete, tap on menu remaining within the RevoToolKit app and press Reboot into Recovery.

And there you go! You are now in recovery mode with all options working. This is perhaps the easiest way to get recovery on your LG Revolution and you are all set to flash ROMs and kernels. In case you are facing any issues or want to donate, then please head to the official XDA app thread here.


  1. Yes, I got it to work on my Verizon LG Revolution. The trick now is to figure out what I want to do with it!

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