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Moving Floats: Point Your Android Device Towards A Place To Identify, Explore & Discuss It

Based on the concept of crowd sourcing images and ideas on various topics from the people in your vicinity, displaying all the useful shopping deals from nearby, keeping you apprised of upcoming local events and letting you know all the famous places around you, Moving Floats is a new location-based Android app that can certainly help you know your place and the locals better. Although there are quite a few apps already present on the Android Market that employ the aforementioned concept, Moving Floats brings something unique to the table. It includes an “explore mode” wherein users can point their devices towards a place to identify it and view ongoing discussions and uploaded images relating to it.

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More than any other thing, Moving Floats is about indulging in friendly chit-chat with the locals and getting to know their preferences. There is an option within the app to start a new conversation with nearby users. Want to get their thoughts about a snap of yours? No problem; you can easily pick an image from your device’s gallery or quickly snap and share a fresh one, upload it and wait for other users to begin commenting on it. The app also features an ‘explore mode’ which, when enabled, uses your device’s camera to identify any buildings, amenities or shopping malls nearby (in real-time), displaying any Floats (from other users) and/or images relevant to them. Moving Floats also provides quick access to the Wikipedia page of famous places in your area.

In order to use the app, you must first be invited by the service.

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Upon each launch, the app acquires your current location via GPS. Selecting floats from the top-left corner of the app’s homescreen lets you quickly jump to its various features. You can also specify the exact area (in kilometers) which the app should include in its search. Tapping the placemark icon on the top lets you set an indexed local place as your current location.

The last icon at the top-right of the homescreen launches the aforementioned explore mode. Just point your phone towards, say, a restaurant nearby (the camera’s viewfinder is there to help you align), and wait for the app to identify it and start fetching related Floats. You can specify the search criteria to display Floats, Images and/or Popular Places.


The tabs at the bottom of the screen let you check/start new Floats, find active shopping deals, and view local events as well as popular places. To start a new Float, tap on the tab with the umbrella icon on it and choose whether you wish to start a discussion on a topic of your liking or share a photo. You can view the upload progress of a photo from within the notification drawer. Tap the Air Now button in the top-right corner of the screen to publish your post.

02-Moving-Floats-Android-Floats 05-Moving-Floats-Android-Upload-Image

The app also supports posting all fresh conversations to your Facebook Wall. While you wait for your Floats to get some response, you may hit the Chats or Images tab to add your own comments to other users’ Floats and uploaded pictures.

04-Moving-Floats-Android-Places 06-Moving-Floats-Android-Notification

Going out for shopping? Why not take a look at the hottest ongoing deals in your local market? The app gathers all available shopping deals around you and displays them under the tab on the homescreen with the price tag icon on it. For each offer, you can view various details such as the merchant’s name, discount info and the offer’s validity. Found a deal worth grabbing? Just tap the Get the deal button in the top-right corner of your screen to head over to the website and complete the procurement procedure.

Last but not the least, the third tab on the homescreen, the one with the calendar icon on it, displays all upcoming local Events and Famous Places.

02-Moving-Floats-Android-Deals 03-Moving-Floats-Android-Events-Places

Provided the app is just fresh out of the oven and, as of now, only available on one platform, you might find it to be a little low on users, but considering the long list of features that it supports, it is only a matter of time before Moving Floats seriously starts making its mark among its competitors.

Download Moving Floats for Android

Update: The app is not longer available in the Google Play Store.


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