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MultiTunes: Sync Your iPhone With Multiple iTunes Libraries [Cydia]

Using iTunes can prove to be a nightmare for even the most experienced of users, and many people end up losing all the data on their iOS device, just because they plugged in their iPhone in to a friend’s computer. In addition to that, there are situations when you might need to sync some data from a computer other than the one having your default iTunes library. MultiTunes is an easy-to-use Cydia tweak, which presents a simple solution to the problem just discussed. The best thing about the tweak is that you don’t have to go through a complicated set up before you can sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with more than one iTunes libraries at a time. You can think of MultiTunes as a Cydia tweak that will fool any iTunes library into believing that your device is not a guest one on any system.

MultiTunes iPhone MultiTunes Cydia

Although there are alternatives available for the functionality offered by MultiTunes, it has the added advantage of being free, and it is really easy to use. The tweak is available over at the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, and once installed you will see it as a new app icon on your device’s Springboard. Upon launching, there aren’t too many options within the interface of MultiTunes. You will just see your Default Library, by the same name, and more libraries can be added by tapping the ‘+’ button in the top right. You can give any name to the Additional Libraries. When you have to sync with an iTunes library different from the default one, launch the app, and select the name you would like to give to the target computer. Once you have done that, let the device sync, and data from other libraries won’t be disturbed at all. If you are in a hurry, you don’t even have to name the target computer. Just hit the Another button and plug your device into the computer.

MultiTunes is an extremely useful tweak if you have iTunes installed on both your work and home computers, and it won’t cost you anything, so do give it a try to see if you find it useful. There is no limit to the number of libraries that can be added to the list in the MultiTunes tweak, and that means it will also free you of the restriction of setting up a maximum of 5 libraries with your own Apple ID.


  1. FonePaw iOS Transfer offers a good idea about how to sync iPhone work with a new computer – and this is the easiest way.

  2. i have something bad when i plugged in my iphone and then when i opened itunes it says “Welcome to your new iphone” and i cant sync it HELP!!!!!!!!!

  3. has anyone used the multitunes app and has lost anything on their old setup ? ijust dont know ifit will brickmy iphone because its jailbroken but it say’s it wants to setup old back up but also has setup as new iphone does itmatter which one i select or not ?

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