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My Playlist Maker For Android – Create Playlists For Any Music Player

Having problems managing music on your Android device? Creating and managing playlists within the stock Music application far too inconvenient for you? Well, the answer to all your troubles lies in My Playlist Maker for Android, a free, handy app that lets you create M3U playlists for music-containing directories on your SD card in just a few taps. Courtesy of a simple interface and recently added support for the WMA media format, the app seems to be doing as good as similar apps (the likes of PlayListGenerator and Playlist Maker) on the Android Market, if not better.

My Playlist Maker For AndroidFile Types

There are many specific formats to choose from, ranging from .mp3 to .wma coupled with an easy-to-use interface. Simply select the music and playlist directory followed by the file types to search for and it gives a preview of all the possible playlists that can be generated. There are further settings that can be implemented to scrutinize the playlists generated, allowing the results to appear according to your wishes.

This is a must-have application for all you troublesome souls out there having problems managing your music directories. The M3U playlists that the app generates are, as mentioned on the app’s Market page, incompatible with the stock music player that comes with Android-powered Samsung devices.  You should not, however, have trouble using them with the stock player or most third-party music players (such as Power AMP).

You can catch this app for free via the provided link or QR code.

Download My Playlist Maker


    • totally incompatible with music players… the m3u wasn’t even made right i think!

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