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MyFitnessPal For WP7: Lose Weight By Tracking Your Calorie Intake

A smartphone is meant to help you in  just about all areas of your routine life. This is why there are so many apps for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 7. When it comes to health and fitness, WP7 has got a pretty impressive array of apps, designed to let you shed those extra pounds. Some of the best fitness apps for WP7 include Live Strong’s Calorie Tracker and Nokia’s Sports Tracker, but now you can add another app to this list; MyFitnessPal. It is a great fitness-oriented app which lets you log all your food consumption, and using the app you can also find out your target calorie intake, as well as the amount of calories you are gaining and burning each day.

MyFitnessPal Home WP7 MyFitnessPal Diary

If you are already a user of MyFitnessPal on its web version, or on some other platform, it is possible to use that account to login to the app on WP7. However, for new users, there is a rather lengthy signup procedure. To create a new account, you will have to tell the app your name, country, height, current and a desired weight, and the type of your routine (ranging from sedentary to very active). Once you have done all that, MyFitnessPal will take you to its homepage. Here, all your day’s logged diet will appear. The service has an enormous calorie database, and for that reason, you can add just about any food item in the world to your log. Each day the app assigns you a new diary, in which not only do you record your day’s meals, but also the workout timings and other physical activities.

MyFitnessPal Search MyFitnessPal Food MyFitnessPal Progress

To add an entry to the diary, you have to tap the add to diary button on the homepage of the app, or there is the option to use the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar of the diary. To add a food item, you can use the search box, and you are likely to find just the thing you started off looking for. Once you have chosen the food, along with its correct quantity, the app will calculate the calorie gain all by itself. The same holds true for your workouts, but if for a particular entity, the app doesn’t have the required data, you can add your own as well. At the end of the day, you have to record your weight or any other calculable entity (like waist size), so that MyFitnessPal can keep tracking your progress (which is then displayed as a graph in the progress section).

The best thing about MyFitnessPal is that it doesn’t just track your calorie intake, but also shows data related to other nutrients, so that your eating habits remain balanced. The app might not be as smooth as Live Strong’s Calorie Tracker, but still worth a download, specially seeing that it is free.

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