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Official Encyclopaedia Britannica App For iPhone & iPad Now Available

Despite what most students seem to think, Wikipedia is not the only source where you can get the matter for your research. Encyclopedia Britannica is a resource which is pretty similar to Wikipedia, with the only difference being the fact that it existed long before the internet was even conceived. This means that the Encyclopedia Britannica has had more chance to accumulate knowledge, and you might be surprised at the quality and amount of data available on it. However, the world has moved away from paper, and that is why you don’t have to carry bulky volumes of dusty books or even a bundle of CDs to access any good encyclopedia. If you own an iOS device, you can simply use the newly released official Encyclopaedia Britannica app for iPhone and iPad. Not only will you be able to search through the immense database of the encyclopedia using this app, it will also present you with random facts, and tell you about each day’s significance in history.

Encyclopaedia-Britannica-iOS-Home Encyclopaedia-Britannica-Article Encyclopaedia-Britannica-iOS-Link-Map

The app will welcome you with its main search page in the Home section. Much like Bing wallpapers, this search page comes up with fun facts related to the current background image. It is also possible to login if you have an Encyclopaedia Britannica account. When you have searched for a topic, you can read any article related to it, but with a catch; only the first page is displayed, while subscribers can read full articles. For subscription, you will have to spend $1.99 for an in-app purchase. From the tools box located to the left of each article, you can save it, add it to favorites, or share it with others through email. The tools also let you change the font size for the displayed text. From the top bar in articles, users can view the Link Map of the post, which plays the same role as tags, but in a visual manner.

Encyclopaedia-Britannica-iOS Encyclopaedia-Britannica-iOS-Born-Day

In case you are not searching for a particular topic, and just want to look at different entries in the encyclopedia, there is the Browse section. The app can also prove to be a boost to your knowledge if you visit the This Day area. Here, Encyclopaedia Britannica displays all the historical events that have ever taken place on the current date. A subsection of this tab lists the names of the people who were born on the day.

Bar the in-app purchase, Encyclopaedia Britannica is a pretty good app, and it won’t hurt to have it on your iPhone.

Download Encyclopedia Britannica

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