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Online Radio & Podcast Streaming App The PURE Lounge Comes To Android

Love listening to live online radio and podcasts on your smartphone? Then you must try giving a try to The PURE Lounge – a cross-platform online radio and podcast streaming app for Android and iOS that features no less than 16,000 online radio stations, thousands of on-demand podcasts as well as plenty of featured content. To help you easily navigate to content of interest, the app offers category-based searching, browsing, filtering & assortment of channels. In addition, it offers recommendations for content that matches your taste, lets you view channel/station information (where available), and contains the option to add content to favorites etc. The app comes with a neatly designed user interface, support for almost all the popular playlist formats, stream formats and protocols, and the option to share all content with your Facebook and Twitter network.

Unlike most similar apps, The PURE Lounge does not require you to register with the Lounge to explore it. However, as the app’s welcome screen will tell you, registration does bring plenty of advantages, such as option to save favorite content, and share it between devices as well as on the Lounge website. Registration is free, and the process can be completed easily from within the app for free.


Let’s now take a look at the app’s interface. The Browse tab on the app’s homescreen displays the options to switch to Live Radio channels, listen to On-Demand podcasts or featured PURE Sounds. The other tabs on the app’s homescreen let you explore Featured content as well as your Favourites.


The app’s support for such an extensive range of online radio channels and podcasts can, at times, slow it down during the searching/navigating process.

The media player’s interface, like that of the app itself, has a simple design. The buttons at the top of the interface let you add the current channel to your favorites, view channel details, Browse Similar content and share with your friends (requires login). Not only does The PURE Lounge support playing content while running in the background, it also displays the channel/program details via status bar notifications.


With an extremely easy-to-use interface, high quality streaming, and support for countless online radio channels and podcasts, The PURE Lounge has to be one of the best apps of its kind on the Market, and you get all of that for free. The link provided below will take you to The PURE Lounge’s Android Market page.

Download The PURE Lounge for Android

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