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OpenCaching For Andriod & iOS – Find, Hide, Log & Share Geocaches

Are you fond of treasure hunts? Did you know that there could be several treasure troves lying hidden somewhere near your home, school or office, ready to be discovered? Yes, we’re talking about geocaching. If you’re an Android or iOS user and are fascinated by the concept of the worldwide sport, then you’d be happy to know that Garmin has released the official client for its geocaching web service/community, OpenCaching.

OpenCaching for Android and iOS lets you find, log (rate & comment on), share, navigate to and register your own geocaches right from your Android or iOS device. Whether it’s some information hidden by your mates from the OpenCaching website itself, or using the mobile app, you’ve now got a chance to immerse in the unending fun by exploring the unknown. Plus, the touch of social media integration makes sharing all the fun stuff with your online buddies a breeze.

HomescreenFind Caches

The UI is easy to use, looks good and fits well with the concept behind geocaching. The app comes packed with a detailed guide for each available feature.

While searching for geocaches via the Find Cache option, you can filter caches by their Difficulty, Terrain, Size, Awesomeness ratings and/or by category (Traditional , Multi and Puzzle). To navigate to an existing geocache, select it from the map, tap the tooltip that appears over it and select Go from the cache information screen. Caches can be logged from within the same screen. The app provides you with the option to navigate via map, compass or Google Navigation.

Registering a cacheNavigating

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market or iOS App Store via the links provided below.

Download Garmin OpenCaching For Android (2.1 and above)

Download Garmin OpenCaching For iOS (4.0 and above)

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