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Orange: Bomb Anyone With Multiple SMS Using Your iPhone (Cydia)

SMS bombing implies sending a text message multiple times to the same person. There is a prankster in all of us, and if you really want to bug someone, SMS bombing is a pretty slick idea. I am sure people can come up with some positive excuse for SMS bombing, but mainly, people use it just as an annoyance tool. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of SMS bombers available for iOS. However, now, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can use SMSBomber (Orange), which is a free Cydia tweak allowing users to send as many as 20 copies of the same text with a single tap.

Orange SMS Bomb SMS Bombing iPhone

As you can probably tell from the screenshot above, Orange needs SBSettings to run properly. So, the first step for using this tweak must be the setting up of SBSettings. After you have done that, add the following repo to your Cydia store’s sources:


In this newly added repo, you will find SMSBomber (Orange). The tweak is free, and after its installation, will not add any Springboard or Settings menu icons to your device. To change its settings, you will have to launch SBSettings. You will notice that a new icon has been added to the shortcuts list by the name of Orange. Launch Orange, and choose the number of times you want to send your message. After that, go to the native Messages app, and type your message. Once you send that text, it will be received as many times as you set in the options.

The tweak is free, and compatible with devices running iOS 4 and above.


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