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Password Protect Your iPhone Home Screen’s Jiggle Mode With IconLock

iOS is an operating system brimming with apps. It takes quite a lot of time (not to mention money) to get your favorite apps downloaded and installed on your iDevice. So it’s always annoying and sometimes even damaging, when a person deletes your apps intentionally or unintentionally. In case your toddlers use your phone to play Angry Birds, chances are that you have suffered the inconvenience of losing some really important app, or maybe an app with a lot of important documents got deleted. In addition to the app, you might also lose the data stored in the app. To avoid this situation, here’s a solution for users with jailbroken devices – it’s a Cydia tweak called IconLock. The tweak serves the dual purpose of saving your apps from getting deleted, and they won’t even be moved from their current position on the Springboard of your iPhone without your consent.

IconLock SettingsIconLock

Head over to the Cydia store and search for IconLock, you will find the tweak there. After that, go to your device’s settings menu and in the Extensions tab look for the recently installed tweak. Enable it and every time someone tries to enter the SpringBoard’s edit / Jiggle Mode, a warning will be flashed but no preventive measures will be taken. For greater protection , you can apply a password of your choice in the same settings menu and can even customize the warning message.

If password is applied, then long-pressing on an app’s icon will bring up the password input field, and if the wrong password is entered, the warning message will be displayed without the SpringBoard entering Jiggle Mode.

OK, this method is far from perfect as the attacker can simply delete the tweak from Cydia and proceed with his evil plans, but it does provide you with some level of security for your apps and files stored on your iOS device, which is admittedly better than no security at all. We recommend that you use IconLock as nothing more than a protection against casual invaders, as disabling it will require nothing more than a basic knowledge of the way tweaks from the Cydia store work. There are other tweaks that let you password protect your apps completely by putting a passcode on their launch (I prefer AppLocker personally), and using IconLock in conjunction with those tweaks will make your iPhone a truly secure device, leaving it unusable for anyone else.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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