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Get Daily Comics From Multiple Online Sources With ComicDaily

ComicDaily is a Java-based application which provides daily comics from various online sources. It contains a list of comics which can be viewed on a daily basis including famous newspaper comics such as Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobes, Beetle Bailey and others. Unlike previously reviewed ComicRack and Comic Books Reader, it does not display content of CBR or CBZ but rather provides newspaper comics on a daily basis from several online sources. It also has a built-in calendar which allow users to view selected comics (e.g. Peanuts) from previous dates. Since it is a Java based application, it can work with a number of platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. ComicDaily focuses on being a comics reader which provides famous comics published in daily newspapers. Unfortunately, many comic readers have ignored such comic strips in the past and for this reason ComicDaily serves as a unique and fun application for newspaper comic strip fans.

Since ComicsDaily is a portable application, you can run the simple JNLP file to start it. Select a comic name from the drop down list and click the Refresh button to view the daily comic. For now ComicsDaily supports the following comics, User Friendly, Freefall, Hagar the Horrible, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobes, Peanuts, Natural Selection, Beetle Bailey, The Better Half, Newslettercartoons, The Joy of Tech and  Nictlustig.


To select a comic edition from a former date, select the comic name, click on the calendar icon and then select a date.


It is worth mentioning here that ComicDaily is still in the alpha stage and therefore users might face some bugs. Since it is a Java based application, it is also a bit resource intensive and has a memory stamp of approximately 83MB (as determined during testing). Users may also find the comic sources to be a limited, we hope the developer will add more comic strips soon. ComicDaily works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux based operating system, provided you have Java Runtime installed.

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