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PC Remote – Use Your Windows Phone 7 Device As A Remote Control For Your PC

PC Remote is an app that you are sure to love if you own a Windows Phone 7 device and have a bit of a lazy streak going on. This awesome free (but ad-supported) app lets you control a multitude of things on your PC right from your Windows Phone! All you need, apart from the app, is a good internet connection on your PC and mobile. So now whether you want to control a slide show while lying down on your couch or just wished that you could turn down down the volume of the movie you are watching without leaving your dinner, use PC Remote! The app is not just for controlling some of the stock features available in your PC, there is a whole section dedicated to controls for third-party services like Hulu and Netflix.

PC Remote PC Remote Power Options PC Remote Media Apps

The app consists of two components. A desktop application must be installed and running on your PC, while the WP7 app is used to control the computer. To get the PC server running on your computer, head to the download link given below and grab the application (less than 2MB in size).

PC Remote Desktop Home

Setting up the app is much simpler. Just tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen and in the resulting screen input your PC’s IP address. Hit “Add” and you’re good to go.

PC Connection5

From the app’s home screen, choose what you intend to do, the tasks include:

  • Controlling Keyboard and Mouse. Both these options open pretty detailed views of these devices, and you can do anything with these virtual pieces of hardware that is possible via the real thing.
  • Navigating and using media apps, like YouTube, different media players and even Zune. You can move the mouse around to do these tasks as well, but having specialized controls for these services really simplifies matters.
  • The remote can be used for controlling the volume of your PC, or muting it altogether. The overall system sound is controlled in this manner, and the changes are applied on all the applications that are currently running.
  • Turning the PC off or putting it on Standby or hibernate mode.
  • Viewing and controlling Power Point slide shows.

All this might sound too insignificant to an Android user, but to a WP7 user, this app is just about perfect, especially given the fact that it’s free.

Download PC Remote for Windows Phone

Download PC Remote desktop program


  1. How do I install this on my windows phone? When I click download it launches zune and then says Can’t Open – Sorry the requested item isn’t available in your location.

  2. @05fe585b1fc3be9d1321c951bd66de90:disqus Yeah, android seems to have ripped it from ios haven’t they?
    This is not copying but it is making platforms equally potent.
    Now why don’t you flush your troll face down the toilet?

  3. Yeah, Android already has an ad-free alternative the Unified Remote, this one seems like quite a rip-off.

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