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Perfect Keyboard – Multiple Layouts, Customizable Keys [Android]

If you prefer customized keypad layout with advanced input settings on your Android device, then Perfect Keyboard should be the perfect choice for you. With Perfect Keyboard, you can easily and quickly switch between multiple keypad layouts while typing, adjust key attributes/spacing and access other keyboard settings as per convenience so that typing long texts and making extensive notes does not prove to be a tedious task for you. Perfect Keyboard is the ideal replacement for your Android’s stock keypad as it brings fully customizable features that can be accessed directly from the keypad anytime you prefer.

Apart from supporting conventional Android keyboard features, Perfect Keyboard comes with enhanced keypad settings that can prove to be quite handy for users. The standout feature of Perfect Keyboard is its ability to allow personalized keypad settings for portrait and landscape orientation. While in portrait mode, you can swipe left/right on the keypad to switch between various keyboard layouts such as normal, T9 and compact. Each layout has its own usability and can be easily switched when required.

‘Split’ keyboard in landscape orientation makes typing more comfortable and convenient. Number pad splits your QWERTY keyboard into two halves while cursor keys at the bottom allow easy navigation within text.

Also, you can customize the keypad according to the size of your thumb/fingers by adjusting various settings such as key height, row gap between keys, bottom padding, arrow key height and text size. The app allows separate customization of keyboard layout for portrait as well as for landscape orientation.

Another exclusive feature of Perfect Keyboard is its ability to auto-complete domains for entered web address. This feature can be used in the URL mode by long pressing ‘”/” key to display supported domains. Domain Editor lets you add custom domains to Perfect Keyboard’s domain database.

Perfect Keyboard supports quite a few other useful features such as built-in dictionary, auto-correction of misspelled words, auto-completion of words, advanced word suggestion options, tweaks for vibration and sound effects, customizable swipe sensitivity and gestures, ability to customize long-press delay time, AnySoftKeyboard international dictionaries, easy addition of words to user dictionary, pictorial smileys and speech-to-text (for selected languages only) along with other commonly used Android keyboard features.

Appearance settings, domain editor and a few other miscellaneous settings can be accessed from the full (paid) version of Perfect Keyboard that can be purchased from within the free version for a price of $2.75 only.

Download Perfect Keyboard Free for Android

Download Perfect Keyboard for Android (Paid)


  1. It nowhere says how you can change the settings and language dictionaries or at least deacfftivate annoying forced word corrections

  2. Given that virtually all features are only available on the paid version, the free one doesn’t deliver. There are also some majorpPrivacy issues: App can,

    read contact data
    Allows an application to read all of the contact (address) data stored on your device. Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people.

    record audio
    Allows application to access the audio record path.

    Allows an application to read all of the contact (address) data stored on your device. Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people.

    • There is a lot of features in the free version like T9,Split mode and so on.

      “Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people”
      This app doesn’t require internet permission, so how it will send data to other people?

    • Script may be embeded in the programs…data will be sent once you get connected.

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