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APN Switch Widget For Easy Switching Between Multiple APNs [Android]

APN Switch is home screen widget for Android that allows quick and easy switching between multiple Access Point Names (APNs). The widget displays the currently selected APN along with its number in the list of predefined APNs. If no APN is defined, the widget displays an asterisk ‘*’ on its icon. More after the break.

Most mobile users need to store various APNs on their devices so that they can easily select their preferred data network plan especially while roaming or in situations where WiFI/3G connection is not available. Under routine circumstances, users have to dig quite deep in Settings menu of their Android to select a preferred APN. However, with APN Switch, you can easily switch between APNs with just a simple tap on the widget icon. If you tap on APN Switch icon once, the widget activates your preferred APN. Tapping once more switches to next APN in the list. In this way, you can switch between different predefined APNs on your device with just simple taps. Remember, only the APNs with type=internet or type=internet+MMS are included in the widget/rotation list. To exclude an APN from rotation list, just add exclamation mark ‘!’ to the desired APN name.


The widget can even serve as a data off switch. You can simply add a ‘fake’ APN from the APN menu that can be accessed from Settings> Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names>New APN. Switching to this fake APN will effectively switch off data on your Android device.

Download APN & Data Switch For Android (Free)

Download APN & Data Switch Pro For Android (Paid)

Update: The app has received a massive update in the Google Play Store. Currently standing at version 3.5, the app not only lets you switch between desired APNs but Data, too. In addition, both supported options can now be set to run for a user-specified time. For instance, you can set the app to keep you connected to a specific APN for, say, 10 minutes, and then automatically switch to the next APN. Likewise, the Data off duration can be set to automatically switch off after a specified time interval so that you can save precious battery time, while at the same time making sure that you don’t run the risk of going overboard with your mobile data usage. A total of three different homescreen widgets are now available that can be used to instantly switch the APN, Data or toggle the app’s rotation mechanism with a tap.


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