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Run Java / J2ME / MIDP Applications & Games On Android With JBed

The desire to port famous games from one platform and play them on another one is something that most hardcore gamers have had for quite some time. Quite obligingly, the developers, modders and hackers have also been smart enough to achieve said purpose with some degree of success.  Apparently an app, JBed is a Java emulator for Android that lets you run Java files on your device. Developed by XDA Developers member mohammadN, JBed comes in the form of a flash-able ZIP package and according to developer’s claims, it should run on most Android devices. The app adds new dimensions to the possibilities that can be achieved through Android as users can now run almost any Java MIDlet on their device.

If you wish to play the famous Bounce game (or any other Java-enabled app) on your Android, then JBed is the ideal platform for you. With JBed you can launch your favorite Java applications and games on your Android. Just copy your collection of JAR (Java) files on to your SD card and launch them with JBed. In case you wish to download Java files directly from internet, the app redirects you to the stock web browser. To load Java files directly from your SD card, tap Menu>SD card and select the preferred JAR file from the list. JBed compiles and optimizes the selected JAR file and prompts the users whether they wish to run the app/game or not. The app displays the location of all the compiled/optimized JAR files that are stored in its database for quick and easy access. Users can launch, remove, rename and update a particular Java file from within JBed. Also, the app allows you to update and view detailed information about a selected JAR file.

Given that the app is new (one of the first of its kind too) and that JAR files have had a history of running poorly on their native platforms, you can expect JBed to return a few graphical glitches and minor performance-related bugs.

We flashed the app on our HTC Desire Z with ClockworkMod Recovery v and had mixed feelings at the end of our brief test run. While the app responded quite positively with most JAR files, it failed to compile and optimize a few as well. Also, few apps forced the emulator to force close.

You can try out JBed on your own device by downloading its ZIP file from the developer’s forum.

[via XDA Developers]

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