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Favorite Documents – Bookmark Visual Studio Code Files & Organize Them

If you’re working on multiple Visual Studio projects, you must be looking for a way to quickly access most frequently used code files of each project without having to close current project. Since Visual Studio  2010 doesn’t offer an option to keep a list of frequently used code files handy, you have to manually open code files to quickly switch between them. How about an add-in which lets you open selected code files and other Visual Studio documents on the fly without having to switch between projects manually? Favorite Documents is an add-in for Visual Studio 2010 which is written to quickly open individual Visual Studio documents and also to access specified files in groups.

With Favorite Documents, you can send any document to its Favorite menu. It allows you to create categories to group up all related files. You can, for instance, add all database related documents to DB group. When you want to access database files, you can access the DB group to open all database files; this way you wont have to find and then open required database files.

To start off, run the VSIX file to install the extension. Once finished, verify the extension installation from Tools –> Extension Manager. If installed, you will see Favorites menu on menu bar which allows you mark single Visual Studio document, group all the opened documents into specified category, and organize favorites.

add favs 2

When a single document is marked as favorite, a small dialog box appears asking to specify favorite name and group.

favs 1

Likewise, Add all to favorites option sends all opened documents to user-specified group. These groups are accessible from Favorite menu. You can quickly navigate to required bookmarked file from its respective menu.

add 1

You can access favorites organizer from Favorites main menu. It categorizes the bookmarked documents in specified folders. You will see all solution specific bookmarked code files in Solution-specific category.

favs 3

Favorite Documents for Visual Studio not only opens bookmarked documents quickly but also opens documents in groups. This comes useful when you want to open multiple files of a project without having to manually load all project files. Favorite Documents works on Visual Studio 2010.

Download Favorite Documents

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