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Phone Schedule: Schedule Sound Profiles, WiFi, BT & More On Android

Phone Schedule is a simple, yet extremely effective Android app that lets you create scheduled tasks regarding various actions that you wish could be performed on your device automatically. For instance, using the app’s predefined list of actions, you can opt to create scheduled tasks pertaining to, well, almost anything, such as sound and alert profiles, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, device volumes (ringtone, alarm, notification, media) and plenty more. Can’t stick with the same ringtone for an eternity? No worries! With this app, you can also create a scheduled task for changing your device’s default ringtone to a selected one after a specific time duration. The same applies to your device’s default notification tone, too. All you need to do is create a new task with personalized scheduled settings, and forget about tinkering with the relevant actions manually. Instead, the app will serve the favor for you by continuously running in the background, and taking care of all the scheduled tasks. Want to temporarily pause a scheduled task without removing it from the list permanently? There is option within the app for that as well. You can select any task that you wish to put on hold for a brief period of time. Once the specified time period expires, the task is restored with the default settings.


An app like Phone Schedule can come handy in a variety of situations. For instance, if you’re too apprehensive about your device’s rather limited battery timing, you can create a scheduled task that would automatically switch off the, say, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth of your device as soon as you leave your home or work premises, and switch it back On once you step into your destination. This holds true especially for users who are often required to travel long distances for commuting or study purposes, and can’t afford to let aforementioned components keep consuming their device’s battery all the while they’re away or sleeping.

Same could be said about the other aspects for which the app lets you create scheduled profiles. While the feature regarding scheduling all aforementioned ringtone and notification sounds can also be deemed as a viable option under multiple scenarios, it’s the app’s option of letting you schedule a task for sound/alert profiles and the Airplane mode that can prove to be very helpful, especially if you don’t like to be disturbed while sleeping, watching movie or attending an important meeting.


When launched, the app prompts you to add all the tasks that you wish to schedule via Phone Scheduler. For this, tap the Add new task button at the top. From the screen that follows set the preferred time, date and action, and once done, hit the Save button at the bottom. Apart from selecting a specific time, you can also choose the desired days at which the scheduled tasks should be executed. In this regard, you can pick a particular day, all weekdays, or the entire week.


To exclude a task from the scheduled list, just uncheck it using the checkbox provided alongside its title. To pause all tasks momentarily, tap Menu > Pause Tasks. From the app’s settings screen (tap Menu > Settings), you can enable/disable notifications for task completion, and/or edit task list sorting in multiple ways.


All in all, Phone Scheduler sports a great concept of automating various actions on your Android device via scheduled tasks. However, the interface could be given a second thought in order to make it more user-friendly. Also, the option for letting users choose the start/end time for relevant tasks from the same screen, if added to the mix, would make the app an even better tool. Still, it is very much warranted that you are going to like whatever features the app currently has to offer to you.

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