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Photo Editing Wonder App Snapseed For iPhone Free For A Limited Time, Download It Now!

Snapseed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers you everything related to photo editing, and then some. For all iOS users, it really is a reason to rejoice that this app is being offered for free till 23/9/2011. What’s there to be excited about, you ask? Wait till you see all the features Snapseed offers. Join us after the break for an overview of the app.

SnapseedOnscreen InstructionsStraighten-tool

The first thing you are likely to notice about the app is that it has an extremely user-friendly and innovative interface. The app itself provides you with tips on how to edit an image. Instructions are displayed on every step of editing. For example, the app points out each button on its start page, describing its functionality. All the options in the app can be separated into two categories.

  1. Editing/ Enhancement Options
  2. Photo Effects & Frames

Editing/ Enhancement Options

This option allows you to load any picture from your iPhone or iPad’s library (or capture a new one straight from the camera) and make suitable changes to it’s attributes. This means that you can crop the picture, alter its brightness, hue or contrast ratio. Even in that you have two options. You can adjust these values one by one yourself by selecting Manual adjustment or you can let the app do the work for you through Automatic adjust. The latter option is quite rare in the photo editing genre of mobile apps.


There’s also the option to concentrate all adjustments around a specified point (Selective Adjust). Tap the ‘+’ button within said option and select a point on the screen, then swipe across it to adjust the selected attribute around that point.

Another intertesting editing option is the Straighten feature that allows you to rotate your picture at right-angles and/or slightly towards the left or right while keeping it within a rectangular frame.


Photo Effects & Frames

If you use Facebook, then you must be familiar with the cool effects people usually apply to their pics before sharing them with everyone using Instagram and other such apps. No matter if you want to give your photo a vintage look or a magical aura, Snapseed does it for you with a single touch. You can then select different texturesswipe up and down along the screen to select specific attributes of the applied effect and swipe across the screen to adjust them. Some effects have a slightly different set of options than the others. The Center Focus option, for instance, allows you to apply radial tilt-shift (Lens Blur) and vignetting effects (darkening or lightening of edges).

In addition, you can add different Frames to your photos and adjust their width and offset in the same manner described above.


A must-have for iOS users, especially since its free for now. Waste no time in heading to the link below and grabbing this great bargain.

Update: The free offer has expired. The app is now available for its original price of $4.99.

Download Snapseed

[via SlashGear]

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